Simplify Your Intranet Maintenance with Claromentis: No IT Skills Required

Intranet software is a powerful workplace platform designed to streamline workflows by improving collaboration, reducing the time spent searching for information, and enhancing communication within a business and with distributed stakeholders – but it shouldn’t come at the IT manager’s expense. Suppose you’re considering upgrading your system or implementing one for the first time. In that case, you may be rightly concerned about the scale of intranet maintenance, not only when the platform is first set up, but once it is established.

At Claromentis, we understand your concerns and, in this article, will explain how our personalized company intranet is designed to deliver the many benefits you’d expect, without the excessive maintenance that will devour your time and patience.

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Claromentis Intranet: A Reliable, Cloud-Based Solution

Claromentis Intranet A Reliable Cloud-Based Solution

Our software is a cloud-based solution that will provide your business with a simple, hassle-free intranet that requires no specialist skills or technical know-how to set up. As a product ready to utilize without needing expert coding knowledge, our intranet can be set up in only six to eight weeks – far more quickly than many of the country’s leading suppliers!

Because our intranet is cloud-based on Google Cloud Platform, you won’t require extensive on-premises equipment to host the software, and without the regular maintenance and updates burdened on your IT team, they will be able to focus on other, more profitable and fulfilling tasks. 

Implement Automated Maintenance

Implement Automated Maintenance

It’s vital that your business’s critical data is stored securely to prevent unauthorized access and eliminate the risk of potentially catastrophic leaks that could result in your organization receiving punishing financial penalties.

With cybercriminals devising new ways to target businesses, your intranet platform must be robustly protected. This is why we provide automated maintenance tasks, such as security patches and data backups, to minimize the work of your IT team. With cloud maintenance, you won’t need to worry about forgetting a critical update, while the latest innovations and features can be automatically added to your platform as soon as they are released.

Use A Modular Approach

Use A Modular Approach

Our intranet platform is built using a modular approach to design. This makes it easier to update the system and enact changes to individual modules without impacting the rest of the platform, which will save considerable time and disruption when implementing simple maintenance tasks.

Also, when issues arise, it’s easier to troubleshoot these and implement fixes, reducing demand on IT technicians and reducing system downtime.

Provide User Training And Support

If intranet users are comprehensively trained, they are less likely to require ongoing support from IT staff, so we provide expert one-to-one and ‘in your own time’ user support. By providing your staff with the tools and knowledge they need to use the platform, we help to ease the burden on IT professionals, as there will be fewer in-house support requests and problems arising from user error.

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At Claromentis, our intranet platform is a hassle-free, cost-effective solution for IT managers who wish to invest their time productively, without the stress and time of maintaining the system. For a free customized demonstration, please contact us today to register your interest.


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