How IT Directors Can Streamline Their Intranet Implementation Process

Modern intranet software offers exciting benefits for businesses that aspire to improve employee engagement, productivity, collaboration, and time management. Once you’ve committed to intranet implementation, however, the last thing you’ll want is a complicated, prolonged, and disjointed installation that consumes unreasonable amounts of time and resources.

At Claromentis, we can set up and launch your intranet in only six to eight weeks, far quicker than many of our competitors. To improve the speed and efficiency of the process, there are six key steps you can take:


1. Identify Who Will Benefit

An intranet solution must offer a wide range of benefits for all key stakeholders in your company, including departmental heads, content creators, and end-users. 

Compiling a detailed list of stakeholders will enable you to understand their needs and the obstacles they face to efficient, collaborative working practices, and to design the intranet to meet their differing requirements. 

2. Set Clear Project Goals

Setting project goals will ensure that the intranet solution accurately meets the needs of your organization and that all stakeholders are unified in working towards the same outcomes. Consider what you want the intranet to achieve. Drawing a site map can be invaluable to shape the intranet’s structure around the needs of each department in your business.

Common reasons for implementing or upgrading an intranet include:

  • To improve communication and collaboration.
  • To communicate company news.
  • To facilitate more efficient document sharing.
  • To engage more effectively with distributed staff.
  • To streamline the search for critical business data.

3. Choose The Most Suitable Platform For Your Organization

In intranet implementation, there’s rarely a one-size-fits-all solution, so it’s important to select the platform that is most likely to meet your business’s needs. Consider key factors including scalability, security, ease of use, set-up time, and maintenance needs. If a quick and efficient installation is required so that you can maximize the benefits of the intranet, opt for Claromentis’ intranet solution, which can be up and running in only six weeks.

4. Plan The Implementation Process

Plan The Implementation Process

Entering the implementation process blind will simply increase the likelihood that problems will occur and elongate the time taken for your new intranet to go live. A detailed plan should include details of your key timelines, milestones, and deliverables so that everyone understands the process and their responsibilities within it. By carefully planning the implementation, you will facilitate an intranet launch that is on time and within budget.

5. Develop A Content Strategy

A content strategy will enable you to identify the type of content that will be published, who will be responsible for it, and how it will be organized and managed. This is crucial to ensure that content is accessible and to avoid creating a cluttered silo that inhibits efficient workflows. Also, a content strategy will highlight areas in which your teams need additional support, for example, to create video and social media broadcasts if staff are only used to written communications.

6. Provide Ongoing Training

Provide Ongoing Training

Consider what training your staff will need to engage with the intranet and extract the best from it – and how you will provide this. You may need to create user guides, conduct training sessions, or offer continuing professional development either to groups or individuals as the practice is embedded.

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