4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Intranet Platform To A New Modern And User-Friendly System

If your business already has an intranet, you’re probably aware of the potential benefits that can transform your organization into a more collaborative, efficient, and responsive entity. However, if you’re not witnessing any improvements or you are struggling with adoption and usability issues among your employees, you may need to face the fact that, without an urgent upgrade, your intranet software is going to hinder your team’s workflow rather than streamline it.

Because modern intranet software can give your business the competitive edge it needs, upgrading your platform is a logical and cost-effective decision. So, what are the key signs that your existing intranet solution has seen better days?

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1. An Outdated Interface And Functionality

No matter how talented your workforce is, your team is only as good as the tools that you provide for them to work with. An outdated interface or one that lacks modern features and functionality will hinder their work by denying them the agility and flexibility they need to perform in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Competition within the intranet market means that designers are constantly adding new features in response to customer demand. Upgrading your intranet to a more modern platform that offers modern usability and functionality, such as Claromentis’ solution, means you’ll be able to integrate brand new tools and features into your workflow as soon as they are added, rather than completing a wholesale and disruptive revamp of the way your business operates at a future date.

2. Poor User Adoption And Engagement

An intranet platform can only make an impact on your business if your team actively engages with it and incorporates it into their daily working practices. Employees are less likely to adopt a platform that is out-of-date, unwieldy, or irrelevant – a sure sign that an immediate upgrade is justified!

In contrast, a modern intranet with a user-friendly and attractive interface will drive up employee engagement by improving their productivity and job satisfaction. If adoption rates are low, it’s likely that the platform’s features are obsolete, so involve key stakeholders in your intranet plan when you arrange for an upgrade so that the most useful tools are at your team’s disposal.

3. Inefficient Content Management And Search Capabilities

One of the benefits of a modern intranet is that users can find the information they need quickly, without spending long and frustrating periods conducting fruitless searches. An intranet that doesn’t facilitate seamless searching, or delivers inappropriate content, offers little to improve the user experience and increases the chance that information is poorly organized and not in tune with your business’s needs.

At Claromentis, our cutting-edge intranet solution features robust content management and search functionality to help users to find the information they need quickly, thereby eliminating wasted time and improving workplace productivity.

4. Inadequate Security

An outdated, poorly maintained intranet is almost certainly riddled with security holes that could expose your business to external threats and risk damaging data leaks. Compliance with data protection legislation/GDPR is only possible if your organization’s sensitive data is securely stored; failure to protect data from unauthorized access could result in financial penalties that could cripple your business and destroy its reputation with customers.

A modern intranet offers robust security and compliance features that are updated with regular patches to counter emerging threats and ensure your business complies with regulatory requirements.

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