5 Intranet Design Tips for Boosting Employee Productivity

Productivity allows employees to complete their work more efficiently and to a higher standard within a given timeframe, but they are often hindered by poorly designed business processes. To stay competitive, it’s imperative that organizations identify effective ways to boost productivity, such as implementing a well-designed and customized intranet platform that caters to their specific needs.

By implementing the following five intranet design tips, you can optimize your intranet to boost employee productivity and create a more efficient workplace environment.

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1. Define your intranet’s focus and fully customize it

Define your intranet's focus and fully customize it

To maximize the impact of your intranet, it’s crucial to determine its primary focus. Whether it’s facilitating effective communication, streamlining workflows, or providing quick access to essential resources, it is necessary to align your intranet’s design with your business’s objectives – particularly as, according to research, 57 percent of workers see no purpose in their company’s intranet. Therefore, customize the platform to match your brand identity, organizational structure, and workflow processes. By tailoring the intranet to the needs of your team, you can enhance its usability and ensure it works seamlessly for your employees.

2. Ensure easy access to information

Intranets should serve as a central hub for business information so that employees can find the resources they need quickly and effortlessly. Organize and structure content in a logical manner, with intuitive navigation menus and search functionalities. A no-code intranet solution, such as Claromentis, makes this easy and requires no specialist technical knowledge! Prioritize commonly accessed resources, such as policies, guidelines, and forms, to minimize the time your staff spend searching for information. By providing easy access to essential tools and documents, you’ll help your team to work efficiently and reduce wasted time.

3. Foster employee engagement and morale

A positive workplace environment is vital to secure high levels of employee productivity. While good intranet design will improve user adoption; it’s also important that the platform promotes employee engagement and boosts morale. Sharing company updates, highlighting employees’ achievements, and showcasing team-building activities through multimedia resources are effective ways to foster an ethos of teamwork and reward. Staff who understand their role in the organization and feel that their achievements are recognized will work harder and are less likely to seek alternative employment.

4. Customize the intranet experience for individual employees

Every employee has unique needs and preferences. By tailoring the intranet experience for each individual, you can create a more personalized and welcoming environment. For instance, customized user experiences for new staff will provide them with a more focused onboarding process that ensures they receive the information and access to e-learning courses required to seamlessly integrate into the business. By catering to your team’s individual needs, you will empower staff to work more productively, with less uncertainty or confusion.

5. Categorize employees and target messages

To optimize the flow of information through the business and eliminate confusing data siloes, segment employees according to their roles, departments, or locations. This will allow you to target messages and notifications specifically to relevant people and minimize the amount of irrelevant information they receive. With fewer distractions, employees will be able to focus on essential tasks. Additionally, e-forms and workflows can streamline the processing of requests, further increasing team efficiency and productivity.

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