Claromentis Named a High Performer in the Latest G2 Software Report

G2 recently unveiled its Summer 2024 Report, and we’re thrilled to announce that Claromentis is now the proud owner of four new badges: 

  1. High Performer – Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)
  2. High Performer – Employee Intranet
  3. Best Support – Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)
  4. High Performer – Mid-Market Employee Intranet

To celebrate this good news, we’d like to share what these badges mean and how Claromentis made the cut. 

How did we earn our G2 badges? 

For those unaware, G2 is the largest and most trusted software marketplace in the world. Every quarter, they identify and reward high performers across a range of software categories. 

To earn a badge, a product must go through G2’s rigorous scoring algorithm, which analyses customer reviews and reputable third-party data to determine a ranking score. 

Here’s a more in-depth breakdown of our badges and how we earned them: 

  • High Performer. Products in this quadrant of the G2 report demonstrate high customer satisfaction rates and low market presence scores (in comparison with other contenders in the category). 
  • Best Support. This badge is awarded to the product that earns the highest Quality of Support rating in its respective category.
  • High Performer Mid-Market. This means Claromentis exhibits high customer satisfaction rates and low market presence scores in the Mid-Market Grid® Report.
g2 software badges

ESN and Employee Intranet: How we meet the G2 software category requirements

As a fully-integrated solution that combines four powerful platforms, it’s no wonder Claromentis spans a number of G2 product categories. 

In the latest report, our solution came out on top in the following areas: 

  • ESN. Products in the Enterprise Social Networking software category must demonstrate features that enable informal, peer-to-peer communication and collaboration. 
  • Employee Intranet.  To feature in this category, products must provide access to an internal, customisable portal for knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Mid-Market Employee Intranet. While similar to the Employee Intranet category, these products must display features, pricing packages, and installation support  deemed suitable for medium-sized businesses. They must also have ten or more reviews from medium-sized customers. 

Claromentis fulfils these requirements – and more – with our extensive range of internal communications features. With the ability to share company knowledge, strike up one-to-one conversations, and automate complex processes, businesses can improve collaboration and employee engagement across the board.  

A digital workplace solution that’s a cut above the rest

Our G2 badges, both past and present, are a testament to the tangible impact of our product and the quality of our customer services. More than this, they demonstrate the dedication of our hardworking team and the support of our loyal customers.

But that’s enough from us. Before we round off this announcement, we thought we’d let our G2 reviews do the talking:

‘The onboarding process was very smooth, and our personal implementation expert has been amazing to work with. Claromentis really modernised our intranet by turning it into a one-stop-shop portal for our employees to use on a regular basis. It was also one of the VERY FEW products that allowed us to host our own site on-premises without charging us MORE to use our own hardware.’

‘The platform is easy to manage from the IT personnel perspective, and support for both end users and administrators is stellar.’

‘What I love about Claromentis is that you don’t have to depend on IT to make changes and handle the Admin end. It’s super easy, friendly and simple to use. I also love all the applications it offers and how customizable it is in every way.’

New to Claromentis? If you’d like to know why our reviews are so positive, why not take our solution for a free test run? Simply fill in a few details here to access a live, browser-based version of Claromentis. 

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