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Improve employee engagement, collaboration, communication, and productivity on a single platform. Our internal communication software helps you provide your team members with the ultimate employee experience.

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How we enable effective internal communications for your business

Increased employee engagement, collaboration, and productivity.
Improvements in company culture and belonging.
Simplified ROI reporting to enhance leadership visibility.
Better engagement on purpose, strategy and values.

Features and benefits our internal comms customers love

Network Security for internal communication software

An internal communications platform with the best security as standard

Too often, communication platforms can sacrifice security for convenience. With Claromentis, you get the best of both worlds. Security is built into everything we do.

In fact, we are both ISO certified and HIPAA compliant. So your sensitive data will always be secure on our platform.

You can also choose between a SaaS cloud installation or on-premise. We are flexible and always happy to work to meet your security requirements.

Your digital workplace accessible on any device, anytime, anywhere

Ensure smooth operations and communications across your entire workforce.

Whether they are at home, in the office or offsite, employees can access everything they need via desktop or mobile devices through a native mobile app.

Digital workplace. Internal communication software accessible anytime, anywhere
Internal Communication Software with Single Sign On

Streamline internal communication channels with Single Sign On

Too many internal comms channels are not fit for purpose. Streamline your communications with a centralized, single source of truth.

Our intranet software has single sign on features, meaning your workforce can access everything they need in one place. So you can replace what doesn’t work, and integrate what does.

Improve communication, collaboration and productivity

Social media inspired communication tools improve employee agility and productivity.

Fast communication, clear objectives and easy access to information via instant messaging, videos calls and file sharing means employees can do their best work no matter where they are.

They can also like, follow and comment on any topic or article so that they feel both informed and heard.

Internal communication software that improves communication, collaboration and productivity
Simplified information management for internal comms teams

Boost employee engagement and take the pulse of your workforce

Improve employee engagement, retention and recruitment with two-way communication between leadership and your workforce.

Take the pulse of your workforce through open dialogue via discussion forums or an anonymous questionnaire.

Simplify information management with intuitive drag and drop features

Design your perfect intranet with the most relevant information at the forefront. Our drag and drop tools let you create engaging pages based on our years of intranet UX experience.

With 40+ configurable components you can build an intranet that meets your unique business requirements.

Network Security
Permissioning for internal communication software keeps your sensitive information secure.

Provide personalized, relevant and valuable content through permissioning

Our internal communication software has flexible permissioning to ensure your sensitive data remains secure.

Not only that, it makes the employee experience better by only showing people what they need to see to do their job.

Keep employees informed on the latest company updates

Using news channels, intranet blogs and announcement features you can deliver key updates in real time to your entire company.

For the most important news, you can also require that employees acknowledge they have read and understand your message.

Internal communication tools keep your employees up to date in real time
Communication tools to highlight your business values, strategy and policies

Effectively communicate business values, strategy and policies

Claromentis helps you make sure all strategic documents and policies are easily accessible to your workforce. And with easy version control and access permission, you can ensure they are always both secure and up to date.

What’s more, you can send push notifications via our policy manager app to ensure employee buy-in and acceptance.

Demonstrate ROI with meaningful insights to leadership

Our platform helps improve leadership visibility into internal comms ROI.

With audit logs and dashboards you can analyse, track, and report on the data that matters. Metrics like behaviour change, business outcomes and employee satisfaction.

Network Security
Network Security

Achieve more with less internal communications budget

Compared to alternative providers, our intranet provides internal communications teams with both substantial savings and Enterprise level capability.

It’s easy to run, with no IT involvement required. We designed it with non-technical people in mind.

REL Field Marketing use Claromentis Internal Communication Software

“We needed a platform that allowed us to share information and knowledge with all our colleagues in an engaging way securely. Claromentis provided us with a solution that matches our needs exactly and we are delighted with the uptake from our people and the flexibility of service provided.”


Managing Director, REL Field Marketing

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