Intranet Features

Intranet Single-Sign-On (SSO) and Active Directory Integration

Simplify employee access with intranet SSO and Active Directory integrations

Easily connect people to your Claromentis intranet using our Single-Sign-On (SSO) and Active Directory integrations. Our technology streamlines the login process and removes the need to remember multiple login details, saving your teams’ time whilst tightening your intranet security.

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We provide out-of-the-box Active Directory integration for intranet sites

Making the switch from SharePoint, but worried about the burden of creating new user accounts? Worry not – Claromentis is the SharePoint alternative that can be easily configured to authenticate with Microsoft Active Directory, meaning all your existing user accounts are automatically pulled into your intranet.



Get seamless and secure access to your intranet using Single-Sign-On technology

Use intranet SSO features to enable automatic access to your intranet when users are signed into your business network, cutting wasted time from re-entering login details. Providing a single access point will also strengthen your intranet security – with fewer passwords for staff to remember, it reduces the risks of weak password exploitation.



Our Single-Sign-On, Active Directory, and identity provider integrations


    • Microsoft AD/LDAP
    • Windows Authentication
    • Okta
    • Google/Facebook SSO integration
    • OneLogin
    • Duo
    • Centrify
    • Any SAML 2.0 compatible identity provider