Intranet for C-Suite and Management Teams

Optimize Your Business with Claromentis Digital Workplace Solutions

Elevate your organization’s performance by harnessing the potential of a unified digital workplace. 

Experience streamlined operations through consolidated intranet, e-forms, workflows, e-learning, and task management. Drive efficient collaboration, ensuring your teams are aligned and informed. 

Witness improved decision-making with real-time insights and enhanced data security. As a CEO, Claromentis empowers you to focus on strategic initiatives while fostering a culture of innovation and productivity. 

Transform your business into a thriving ecosystem where every process is optimized, and every employee thrives.

Boost employee engagement throughout your business with a high performance company intranet

Claromentis is the intranet development company that equips your teams with the tools they need to take your business forward. Our interactive and user friendly intranet solution sits at the heart of your digital workplace, helping increase job satisfaction, improve day-to-day workflows, and drive high engagement levels across your business. We enable your teams to go that extra mile to accelerate your business growth.

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Reduce costs and complexity with one central corporate intranet

Thanks to Claromentis, gone are the days when you need to manage and subscribe to multiple tools for running your business. Everything you need for an efficient workforce is in one place, from document management and social feeds to company news and e-learning. Even better, all apps are included as part of our simple pricing package.




Build an employee engagement strategy that improves performance

When employees feel engaged, they perform better. Our company intranet platform allows you to build employee experiences that foster a positive company culture and increase employee satisfaction so that staff can do their best work. Help disengaged employees to fulfil their potential with recognition programs that align with your company values.


Keep hold of your best staff by targeting content that's just for them

Improve employee retention by giving staff an interactive company intranet that’s tailored to their needs. Our content management and knowledge management systems allow you to target relevant information to individual teams or departments, improving employee engagement and the user experience.


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Support your remote teams with better internal communications

One of the key drivers of employee engagement is effective communication. Our company intranet is packed full of social features that enable you to easily communicate with employees, whether they work remotely or from the office. Keep team bonds tight with corporate social media and communications tools that make it easy for staff to collaborate from afar.


Gain valuable insights into employee engagement levels

Measuring engagement is fundamental to improving it. Our employee survey software empowers you to make data-driven decisions for increasing employee engagement, helping you uncover how your staff are working and performing. Send regular engagement surveys to gain valuable information into employee sentiment and working life, and use the results to inform your ongoing strategy.


How Claromentis is helping business leaders like you


Dean, COO at Avacare Health

“The all-in-one package for our company we were looking for. The flexibility and ease of use is fantastic. It has been a game-changing experience getting Claromentis implemented. ”

Cat, VP of Service Delivery at

“The team at Claromentis have supported us from the start and are always fun to work with. We are so satisfied with both the product and the support. Overall: great team, great product and great result!”

Stephen, Managing Director at REL Field Marketing

“Claromentis has provided us with a solution that matches our needs exactly and we are delighted with the uptake from our people and the flexibility of service provided.”


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Schedule a time to speak to our team of experts about your project goals and we’ll show you how the Claromentis platform can help you achieve them.

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