Intranets for Every Department

Build a personalised intranet for every team and department

Every department has different priorities when it comes to intranet performance. Our drag & drop intranet CMS gives you the tools to build and design different intranet themes, so that your teams get the features and content they need.

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HR department intranet

Minimise admin processes and maximise your time with an HR intranet. Self-service tools like Holiday Planner, Calendar, and Documents ensure that employees get instant access to the info they need, while freeing up precious time in your HR department. Staff holiday requests can be setup with an approval process, and any HR paperwork can be revamped into automated online workflows.

Take a look at our dedicated HR intranets page to discover more.

Intranet Planner

IT department intranet

Intranets and IT departments are a match made in heaven! The departmental IT support desk can be transformed with our BPM platform, where support tickets, general enquiries, and requests can be logged, automated, and processed online. Important announcements such as planned maintenance, network outage, and infrastructure upgrades can be communicated across the whole company with our intuitive News app.

Learn more about intranets for IT.

BPM Platformt

Marketing department intranet

Manage your entire marketing strategy in one integrated digital workplace. Store marketing materials such as brochures, press releases, and blogs securely within the Document Management System, which includes full version control as standard. Your internal comms will be transformed via our social networking and broadcasting tools, where vital news can be communicated company-wide in a flash.

Have a read of our intranets for marketing teams page for more info.

Document System