How an Internal Communications Platform Boosts Digital Collaboration

Note: this article was last updated on 12th March 2024

Enabling digital collaboration, engagement and communication is vital to business success. Particularly post-pandemic, where the digital workplace is the new normal.

Customers expect the best. So you need to operate efficiently no matter what. Whether staff are office based, frontline, or remote you need to ensure they have all they need.

Connecting a disparate workforce like this can be difficult. But, you’re not alone. With the right internal communications platform you can streamline your digital collaboration efforts. 

Why Internal Communications Tools Matter

Internal communications is the transmission of information within a business. It’s about how your workforce can use available resources, data and information to work better together.

An effective internal communications platform helps ensure that employees understand your business goals, processes, as well as their role and responsibilities. All of which helps them understand where they fit in the organisation and how their work makes a difference. 

Your internal comms efforts can also help nurture your ideal corporate culture and promote employee engagement

All of this doesn’t just benefit your workforce either. Employee satisfaction and engagement have a direct impact on business outcomes. 

In fact, Gallup research found the below differences in business outcomes when comparing the most and the least engaged workers.

  • 81% reduction in absenteeism
  • 58% reduction in safety incidents (mortality and falls)
  • 64% reduction in accidents
  • 18% increase in turnover for high-turnover organisations
  • 43% increase in turnover for low-turnover organisations
  • 28% reduction in theft
  • 41% increase in product quality
  • 10% increase in customer loyalty and engagement
  • 18% increase in sales productivity
  • 23% increase in business profitability

Imagine the difference in productivity, collaboration and profitability your business could have if you improve workforce engagement. 

This is why your business needs an effective internal communications platform to help with your digital collaboration. 

Business wide improvement or change initiatives are never easy. But, with the right technology you can make a real impact on your workforce and bottom line. 

6 ways an internal communications platform can improve your digital collaboration

Internal comms software helps organisations increase collaboration and productivity between departments and team members. They do this in a variety of ways.

1. Organisation-wide reach

Using a business intranet for internal communications gives your workforce 24/7 access to everything they need. From senior management to production line workers. You can also extend this reach even further using a mobile app

On-demand access to a shared digital workplace helps employee communication. Enabling them to easily share information, resources and documentation. 

Corporate communication also benefits, as leadership can make announcements, issue updates and promote corporate culture. 

2. Targeted internal communications

The best internal communications software solutions have audience segmentation tools.

This is so you can personalise your messages, meaning employees only get relevant, interesting content specific to their roles.

For example, we provide an intuitive content management system to customers that lets them send targeted content. All without the need for technical or coding expertise. 

3. Dedicated collaboration spaces

Collaboration spaces enable leaders to run their projects and teams effectively. 

With tools enabling task management, discussion, document sharing and progress tracking your teams can do their best work. 

Plus, teams know where to find everything they need. Meaning they don’t waste time searching and consolidating information. And managers don’t have to keep chasing for updates. All the information is in one place.

4. Time saving productivity features

Automating both internal communications and general business processes helps you achieve more. This saves users time, reduces the risk of manual errors or configurations and streamlines employee communication. 

For example, you can use e-forms to transform manual, paper-based processes into streamlined workflows. Needing minimal input, automations such as this reduce busy work and empower employees to focus on more valuable tasks. Ones that advance your mission, business objectives and revenue. 

5. Employee engagement and feedback

An employee feedback loop is a vital component of increasing engagement with your business. This is because employees feel more invested in your business if they can share their thoughts on your strategy, mission, values and culture.

So don’t dismiss employee feedback. Embrace what you learn from surveys and discussions with your workforce

After all, they are closer to the actual work, so you may learn something valuable. 

6. Knowledge sharing and skills acquisition

Boosting staff development with quizzes, courses and training materials is important for staff retention and engagement. 

So, the ideal communication platform will have a learning management system (LMS). Allowing you to invest both in your people and your future business growth.

Effective digital collaboration, powered by Claromentis

You now know how an internal communications platform can boost your digital collaboration. So why not see one in action?

Claromentis is the single integrated intranet platform that can boost productivity, collaboration and engagement across your business. Not only that, it can help you improve operations through automation, train your staff with our LMS and run projects via task management software. 

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, book a demo today. And discover how Claromentis can help you supercharge your internal comms strategy for 2024 and beyond.

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