Learning Management System Overview

E-learning software that expands your company’s knowledge

Encourage staff development and expand your company’s knowledge within your digital workplace. Whether you’re training your staff, customers, or external stakeholders, our Learning Management System gives you the tools to build an engaging professional development program for all.

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Centralise learning with dashboards

Our e-learning dashboard is your teams’ dedicated hub for learning, where they can access their personalised learning path, training records, e-learning courses, and training events in one central place.

Learning Management System

Create an integrated learning portal

Support your staff with digital workplace tools such as collaboration areas, e-forms and workflows, and intranet software, providing them with an integrated learning portal that will boost their knowledge.

Learning Management System

Tailor staff training with personalised learning paths

Everyone learns at different speeds and in different ways. Cater to your employees’ diverse learning styles by building personalised learning paths, where staff can keep track of progress and reach their goals in a way that suits them.

Learning Management System

Engage staff with multiple learning materials

Use our learning management software to incorporate multiple learning materials into your training program – such as SCORM courses, videos, and slides, or quizzes, modules, and documents – to build a comprehensive learning experience that will motivate staff.

Learning Management System

Gamify the learning experience

Increase staff engagement with gamification tools that will make learning fun and accessible. Build interactive quizzes to test your coworkers’ knowledge, where they can earn points or training records that contribute to their learning goals, and use employee rewards to formally recognise your team’s achievements.

Learning Management System

Support learning with training events

Organise training events, such as webinars, conferences, and talks, to complement your teams’ learning objectives. Manage attendance with invitations and waiting lists, and integrate events into employees’ learning paths so they can earn points towards their overall training program.

Learning Management System

Keep track of progress with automated reports

Gather key insights into employees’ training progress, including course completion rates and training record numbers, with our built-in reporting tools. Save valuable time by scheduling reports to run automatically, and export data into CSV for detailed analysis.

Learning Management System