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“The setup was extremely smooth and we’re excited to keep unravelling all the treasures the system has for our users…we love Claromentis!”

Raj, Co-CEO (Strategy and Finance)

(Woops, Retail, 50 employees)


Embed regulatory compliance into your company culture

Deliver engaging compliance training in a secure environment

Access all compliance training materials on a single, secure platform. Enable seamless access via a mobile app. Meaning your teams can access professional training any time, anywhere, and on any device.

Optimise your training programs for maximum effectiveness

Our LMS platform provides comprehensive analytics and reporting to help you monitor learner progress, identify knowledge gaps, and measure the effectiveness of your compliance training. 

Find out what works best for your business and customise your learning pathways. This helps you support learners through what can be a complex topic with personalised training paths matching their learning style and preferences. 

Engage learners with interactive training features

Our e-learning software supports multiple content types to fully engage your staff during their compliance training. This includes SCORM 1.2 standard content. 

No matter how your team likes to learn, you can make it happen via interactive modules, videos, quizzes and more.

Automate compliance audit preparation

Claromentis automatically generates compliance reports. This includes training completion and certifications tracking, as well as policy acceptance rates. 

If your learners haven’t completed a required compliance training, the platform will automatically notify them before the deadline. 

This means, when it’s time to prepare for an audit, you’ll already have everything you need to easily achieve your certifications. 

Claromentis certification and compliance capabilities


  • Course management. Easily create, monitor, and update individual courses, modules, and lessons. 
  • Multiple content formats. Tailor training pathway content to suit individual employee learning styles.
  • Endorsements. Reward completion with certificates and badges. Encourage friendly competition with leader tables and gamification features.

Training records and certificates

  • Progress tracking. Keep track of completion rates and training effectiveness using automated reporting.
  • Assessments and grading. Create a culture of compliance throughout your workforce by testing employee knowledge and understanding.
  • Reporting and analytics. Gain insights into your compliance efforts with actionable dashboards. 


  • Compliance training and reporting. Users can work through pre-prepared training pathways to ensure compliance across your business.
  • Notification and reminders. Automatically send notifications and reminders of compliance training requirements to your employees. 


  • Permission based security. Learners can only access the relevant information for passing their certification – nothing more. 
  • ISO and HIPAA compliant. Built with security and compliance in mind, our LMS is fully ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliant. We also provide free templates for compliance processes.

A certified game changer for your compliance efforts 

Discover how you can take the complexity out of compliance with our LMS platform. Book a demo today, or take a deeper dive into the applications that help make it happen.

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