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    • A great design with a quick and easy to use interface
    • Intuitive and user friendly platform with a wide selection of productivity tools
    • Exciting scope of available apps for the future of Woops!, including workflows and e-learning


Intranet Case Study – Woops!

With 34 bakeshop locations across New York and the Tri-State area, Woops! needed a social and collaborative digital workplace solution to connect their franchisees.

Customer background

Starting up in 2012 as a macaron pop-up shop in New York, Woops! are an expanding and exciting café, coffee, and bakeshop franchise. Now with 34 locations across New York and the Tri-State area, the Woops! tried-and-tested business model allows both business and baking enthusiasts to setup their own bakeshop franchise, spreading patisserie sweet treats across the community.

Purpose of the system

On brand and lovingly named “myWoops!”, the intranet will connect all Woops! franchise holders across New York and beyond. Their social intranet will serve as the main communication hub for all franchisees, ensuring that all Woops! sites can collaborate and innovate.

Critical applications

    • As the myWoops! intranet expands, the Business Process Management and Learning Management System platforms will be vital
    • News and Blogs
    • Document Management System

Why they liked us

Setting up our intranet site has been extremely smooth and we are excited to keep unraveling all the treasures the system has for our users… we love the system!

Raj – Co-CEO (Strategy and Finance)

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