Streamline employee upskilling with our professional training software

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“The Learning Management System is an excellent tool that fosters learning and collaboration with colleagues.”

Kenyetta, Assistant Manager

(The Central Bank of The Bahamas, Finance, 300 employees)


Upskill your workforce with our professional training software

Create a culture of continuous training and development

Provide personalised, skill based and objective-driven professional training to your entire workforce. Anytime, anywhere and on any device. 

Help learners make the most of their training time with interactive training environments. Engaging, interesting and easy to use, our integrated LMS encourages employees to invest in their professional development. 

Streamline new hire onboarding and orientation

The onboarding experience is a vital part of attracting and retaining top talent. Our software lets you train newcomers about your business processes, policies and practices. And then solidify that training with our Q&A and knowledge base applications. 

Provide training for external stakeholders in a secure platform

Claromentis enables you to train external stakeholders within a secure environment where they can only access what they need. Train suppliers and partners to boost operational efficiency and go to market faster. Retain loyal customers with training paths to help them understand and take advantage of the value you bring.

Motivate learners with an enhanced learning experience and rewards

Finding the motivation to train and develop skills can be difficult. Easy, remote access and training paths that adapt to individual learning styles make professional development engaging and enjoyable, not just a tick box exercise. You can also provide extra motivation using badges as recognition of training progress.

Track professional development in real time

Measure the effectiveness of your training initiatives in real-time with detailed, actionable dashboards. Monitor both individual and team performance and completion rates. Use data and analytics to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to optimise your training programs. 

Claromentis training and development capabilities

Personalised training

  • Flexible, customisable learning experiences. Our training paths feature lets you personalise training content to suit individual employees.
  • Interactive training environments. Create modules, videos and quizzes that engage learners. We also fully support SCORM 1.2 standard content.
  • Secure training for external stakeholders. Keep your business secure by providing access to external stakeholders via our powerful permissioning system.
  • Simple training program building. Build fully featured training programs with the support of our integrated intranet for easy employee access.
  • Remote access for frontline workers. Access training materials any time, anywhere and on any device.

Onboarding and orientation

  • Streamlined employee onboarding process. Use training paths within our LMS to get new starters up to speed in record time. 
  • Compliance and policy training. Track policy agreement and compliance training completion rates to streamline your internal and external audit processes.

Monitoring and reporting

  • Actionable reporting and analytics. Dashboards and automated reports provide comprehensive insights into performance and areas for improvement. 

Motivation and engagement

  • Employee recognition tool. Show staff you value them with badges for achievements, qualifications and successes.
  • Gamification elements. Boost engagement, motivation and healthy competition with rewards, leaderboards and peer recognition.

Ready to boost training and development across your business?

If you’d like to know more about how our LMS platform enables workforce upskilling, book a demo today. Or discover the applications that help make it happen. 

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