The Central Bank of The Bahamas

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Employees 300

Industry Finance

Customer Since 2015


    • Provides a central hub for corporate wide information
    • Tailored content pages which match the specific needs of each information
    • A Learning Management System to faciliate learning and collaboration
    • A user friendly and stylish design


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    • Intranet Software
    • Learning Management System
    • Bespoke development

Intranet Case Study – The Central Bank of The Bahamas

The country’s principal financial institution, The Central Bank of The Bahamas needed an intranet which encouraged learning and collaboration.

Customer background

Established over 40 years ago, The Central Bank of The Bahamas is the country’s leading financial institution. The Central Bank of The Bahamas:

  • • Promotes financial stability and economic growth across the Bahamas
  • • Acts as a banker and advisor to local banks and the government
  • • Safeguards and maintains the value of the Bahamian dollar outside of the country

Purpose of the system

The intranet provides various stakeholders and employees with a central hub of organisational information, as well as fostering collaboration and learning amongst users.

Our comprehensive as-standard intranet platform, combined with bespoke page template designs, provided The Central Bank of The Bahamas with a system which met their specific needs to deploy an intranet which would engage and excite their users.

Central Bank of The Bahamas intranet landing page in a browser displaying the homepage components

Critical applications

The Learning Management System proved critical in meeting The Central Bank of the Bahamas requirements for encouraging learning and collaboration. In addition, the below applications, which are provided with all Claromentis installations, were of vital importance:

    • Calendar
    • Document Management System News
    • Image Gallery

Why they liked us

The Learning Management System is an excellent tool that fosters learning and collaboration with colleagues. Kenyetta – Librarian, Asst. Manager

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