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“Claromentis helped us move away from our 20 year old platform to a modern, mobile friendly one that makes it easy for users to find documents, people, training and news. We are glad to have found this solution and have found Claromentis a valuable partner.”

Les – IT Director

(Carolina One Real Estate, Housing, 1,100 employees)


Flexible course and user management that boosts employee development

Adapt your delivery to meet individual learning styles

Individual employees have their own preferred learning styles. Our LMS enables both distance and in-person learning. Employees can also use our knowledge base to access training materials in their own time.

Choose the best learning model for the situation – or provide a blended learning experience which combines them all.

Choose the LMS deployment that suits your business

We offer cloud, on-premise and mobile deployment options for all our customers. Whether you want quick setup and scalability, or security is your focus, we can launch Claromentis based on your business requirements and IT strategy. 

No matter what you choose, we can onboard, set up and launch your digital workplace within 6 – 8 weeks.

Streamline course and content management

Our LMS software lets you easily create, organise and distribute learning materials. Engage learners with diverse content formats like images, video and more. You can also upload, edit and manage full courses, including those made up of SCORM 1.2 standard content. All of which ensures a seamless, productive learning experience.

Maintain control over user access and permissions

If you want your staff to engage with your LMS, don’t overwhelm them with content. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’re unlikely to commit their time to training. That’s why our platform has user based permissions that ensure that your teams can only access training content that is relevant or interesting to them. 

Create a culture of continuous development

Embed professional development into your company culture with ongoing courses, quizzes, and training events. And keep your staff motivated with gamification elements like badges, leadership tables and peer recognition.

Enable staff to take control of their own development with the ability to request new training pathways, as well as follow up courses to build upon their existing knowledge.

Access meaningful data to optimise learning and development

Optimise your LMS with insightful data analytics that can help you measure the effectiveness and ROI of your training initiatives. Not only will this let you track progress, you can optimise your courses and content for better learning outcomes.

Upload and embed content in an easy to use system

Create your own training courses or upload content such as SCORM courses, videos and slides from other providers. You can also easily embed training videos from sites like YouTube or Vimeo.

Claromentis user and course management capabilities

Flexible course delivery

  • Distance learning. Enable knowledge sharing and expert training to all staff no matter where they are.
  • In-person events. Arrange instructor led gatherings to enable insightful discussion, debate and solidify learning in a supportive learning environment.
  • Blended learning. Combine the best aspects of self-learning and in-person teaching with a blended learning path. 

Multiple deployment options

  • SaaS Cloud. Provide users with the ease of access and fast set up of a cloud based deployment. Accessible on any device or phone via a mobile app.
  • On-premise. If security is top of mind, or you just want to use your existing infrastructure we also offer on-premise deployments, unlike many competitors.

Content and course management

  • Course management. Organise courses, modules and learning materials on our easy-to-use, accessible platform.
  • Automated training requests. Using our integrated BPA platform, employees can request new training or follow up courses that interest them.
  • Gamification elements. Reward hard work using our badges app to showcase employee achievements, qualifications and successes to their peers.
  • Upload and embed content. Easily share content from other sources within your intranet. Or create your own personalised training paths. 

User management

  • User management. Easily add and manage learners, instructors and administrators to the system with appropriate access to the features they need. 
  • Expert customer service and ongoing support. Our platform is accessible, user friendly and easy to use. However, if you need help we’re here for you with 24/7 support.
  • Secure user access and permissions. Give all users the access they need to receive and deliver training programs relevant to their role and interests.
  • Data insights and progress tracking. Receive automated reporting to monitor completion rates, engagement and more across your entire workforce.

Learn more about our scalable, user-friendly software

If you’d like to know more about how our LMS platform enables user and course management, book a demo today. Or discover the applications that power our feature-rich training software.

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