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Customer Support Extranet Portal Software

Improve customer satisfaction and retention rates

Provide your customers with a complete support portal 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Enable customers to become self-sufficient and equip your customer service teams with collaborative tools to directly interact with your customers. Bespoke training courses, modules and assessments can additionally be created with the Learning Management System.

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Customer helpdesk

The Claromentis Business Process Management module allows for organisations to create an entirely bespoke Customer Issue Ticketing System (Helpdesk). Customers can log issues along with screenshots and select the necessary priority level. The data fields required to efficiently capture, deal with, and manage, the customer’s issue are completely configurable. Service level agreements, notifications and workflows can also be added to the form along with the ability to track progress.

Build a Help Desk using the BPM Module

Customer knowledge base and FAQs

The Claromentis knowledge base application supports customers in becoming self-sufficient in relation to discovering answers to their queries. Extranet administrators can add frequently asked questions along with their answers to the extranet’s Knowledge Base. Articles can be easily added to the Knowledge Base with the addition of videos, images, Google maps and embeded media with the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Editor. Through article category permissions, articles within the Knowledge Base will only be visible to extranet users with the necessary permission rights.

Customer Support Extranet Portal

Securely store & share documents and how-to guides

The Claromentis enterprise-level Document Management System allows customers to quickly find and instantly access relevant documents and ‘How-To’ guides. Documents can be previewed in the browser before downloading to ensure customers are selecting the correct document for their needs. Version control and revision history ensures customers have access to the most up-to-date information and can provide feedback in the document collaboration area.

Customer surveys and polls

Discovering the attitudes and opinions of customers is an important aspect of maintaining customer satisfaction and improving retention rates. Reduce the amount of time spent on producing surveys, collating feedback and analysing the results through the Claromentis Polls and Surveys Feature. This feature can be added to the customer support portal’s main landing page to ensure a high response rate.

Create individual customer profiles

To build a sense of community amongst your customers and encourage collaboration, individual extranet user profiles can be created. Customers can populate their profiles with appropriate information, such as; contact information, skills, interests, position and a photo. Customers can additionally change their passwords, useful links, location and time zone.

Customers can Easily Update their Profiles

Provide 24/7 customer support

The online customer support portal can be accessed 24/7 and acts as a go-to resource for geographically dispersed customers – regardless of their time zone. The customer portal promotes self-sufficiency and will reduce administrative support costs but still provide high-quality customer care.

Target content to specific customers

Claromentis Customer Support Portal Software provides organisations with a one-to-one content publishing platform. Content – such as News and Knowledge Base articles – can be created for the purpose of a specific group of customers. This is managed through the permission engine, which is present throughout all extranet features.

View customer calendar events

Customers can view upcoming events and meetings in the customer support portal using the Claromentis calendar application. A miniature calendar widget which simply lists the upcoming events along with the dates can be added to the customer support portal’s landing page.

Create Customer Events


Suggestion and feedback forms

Effectively capture customers’ feedback and suggestions through the creation of a suggestion/feedback form. View a summary of all suggestions or search through filtering. Create workflows and assign in-built notifications to ensure customer feedback is presented to appropriate team members.

E-learning courses

The Claromentis Learning Management System allows organisations to create appropriate courses, modules and assessments for their customers, on any topic. Learning material such as PowerPoint presentations, documents and videos can also be provided. Custom training paths can be implemented to enable customers to complete courses in the required order.

Multiple branded customer support portal designs

If your customer support portal contains various customer groups, personalised themes can be created to reflect each customer group’s branding and preferences.

Multiple Branded Customer Support Portal Designs