Customer Support Extranet Portal Software

Boost customer satisfaction and retention rates

Create a 24/7 customer support portal using our extranet software, giving your customers everything they need to get in touch with your support staff, request help, and find answers. Improve your retention rates by empowering customers to become self-sufficient and equip your support team with the tools they need to help customers quickly and efficiently.

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Build your own customer support helpdesk

Using our e-forms and workflows software, you can build a comprehensive support helpdesk that allows customers to submit tickets, request technical help, and communicate with your support staff to resolve issues. Built-in SLA timers help support staff to prioritise urgent issues, and dynamic workflows automatically process requests as they move through the chain.

Build a Help Desk using the BPM Module

Expand your customers' knowledge

Empower your customers to become experts by sharing FAQs, training videos, and how-to guides on your support portal. With everything accessible in one central knowledge base, customers can be self-sufficient and find answers to their queries in minutes, expanding their knowledge and saving time from contacting technical support. 

Customer Support Extranet Portal

Capture customer feedback

Are you providing the best customer service possible? Find out and understand your customer needs better by using surveys and polls to capture feedback. Add a poll widget to your intranet homepage to increase submission rates, and use the in-built reporting tool to analyse feedback.

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Personalise your customers' experience with user profiles

Give your customers their own digital corner to call home with personalised user profiles. Customers can customise their profile with hobbies and interests, add their skills and experience, as well as endorse others for their expertise to build a strong sense of community. This helps your staff get to know your customers too, so they can provide a tailored level of support.

Customers can Easily Update their Profiles

Provide 24/7 customer support

An online helpdesk is never closed, with all training videos, FAQs, user guides, and technical information available for customers 24/7. This is handy for businesses with a global customer base, giving them the tools to provide high-quality support round-the-clock regardless of the customer’s location, and without the overhead of extra staff.

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Target content to specific customers

Our content targeting tools allow you to promote news, how-to guides, and updates to specific customers, ensuring they only see information that’s relevant to them. This helps increase engagement levels and retention rates, as customers won’t need to waste time searching for data – it will simply be pushed to them automatically. 

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