Create Custom Workflows and Intranet E-Forms

Bespoke Workflows and E-forms can be developed to cover a range of business needs on an organisation's intranet - however, the most common eForms and Workflows are Appraisal Forms, Help Desks, Expense Forms, Purchase Order Requests and Stationary Requests. The power of the Claromentis E-form and Workflow engine enables custom E-forms and Workflows to follow pre-determined business rules. Through the secure permission system, only the appropriate intranet users will be notified at the relevant stages in the workflow.

E-forms and Workflows for Extranet Areas

Using the extranet area and public-facing site capabilities, present in the intranet platform, E-forms and Workflows can be presented to business partners, current customers and potential customers within these areas. The forms can also be dynamic, and this can be particularly useful for public-facing E-forms as fields dynamically change according to the information inputted. Our public-facing E-forms have commonly been implemented by organisations situated within the Banking sector, for Mortgage and Loan applications. Customer helpdesks for customer extranet portals can also be created.

Workflow Management & E Forms

Essential E-form Building Functionality

The Claromentis E-form building software addresses several requirements that are essential in the ability to build bespoke forms on your intranet. In general terms these are:

  • Building the E-form
  • Designing E-form Workflows
  • Workflow Management and Workflow Tracking
  • Allowing for complex permissions
  • Building E-form Notifications
  • Addressing Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Providing bespoke functionality using Plug-ins
  • Custom E-forms for every Business Process
  • Comprehensive Reporting Engines

Workflow Management & E Forms

Build E-forms Effortlessly

Intranet administrators can create entirely bespoke E-forms and Workflows efficiently to match their exact needs. Each E-form can contain multiple sections, with numerous fields within each section. The E-form can also be fully dynamic, with sections reloading and values changing depending on data entered in the form - without the need to refresh the browser.

Workflow Management & E Forms

Design Bespoke Workflows

Bespoke workflows for both simple and complex E-form processes can be implemented. Once the data has been entered into the e-form, a workflow can be created to ensure the information is shared and modified at a particular stage, by the necessary employees. Statuses and permissions will constantly evolve as the data progresses through the workflow process, before reaching the final stage in the workflow.

Workflow Management & E Forms

Assign Complex Permission-Rights

Permission-rights allocated to intranet users by intranet administrators allow for particular parts of the form to be hidden from view, fields can be marked as 'read only' and automatically displayed to assigned users. The ability to change the status of the workflow is also permission-based.

Workflow Management & E Forms

Issue Automatic Notifications

Automatic alerts can be issued from the e-Form building engine and issued to intranet users' email addresses or intranet inbox systems through the workflow. The Workflow Notification feature keeps relevant intranet users fully aware of their requirements in terms of upcoming actions and reviews.

Workflow Management & E Forms

Set-up Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Service level agreements (SLAs)act as timers that record the progress of each issue reported, against the agreed service levels of the workflow process. In this way a high priority issue raised in a ticketing system, for example, will be flagged after a short space of time unless it is resolved or acted on as part of the workflow process. These SLAs are fully configurable within the E-form and Workflow building intranet module

Workflow Management & E Forms

Develop Plug-ins for Bespoke Requirements

Bespoke requirements are handled through the concept of plug-ins. At any stage in the process - the form-based workflow can execute bespoke code to address the unique requirements of any business process.

Common plug-ins previously implemented write records to third-party databases, or load data from other applications.

Workflow Management & E Forms

Custom E-forms for Each Business Process

Intuitive, bespoke E-forms and Workflows can be created to cater for each business process as statuses are custom configured.

Workflow Management & E Forms

Complete Reporting Capabilities

The e-Form and Workflow Intranet Application allows for the easy generation of complex reports and filtered lists, providing significant value to the business as data is gathered on the quantity and status within each workflow process.

Workflow Management & E Forms

E-forms as a Module within the Intranet Platform

The E-form and Workflow module can be used as module within the Claromentis Intranet Platform enabling intranet users to complete forms and fulfil important business tasks on their corporate intranet. It can also be used as a stand-alone application

Workflow Management & E Forms

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