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What do our customers think of Claromentis?

We think our intranet and digital workplace software is great. But don’t just take our word for it! Read our amazing reviews from our very happy customers.

A comprehensive system in a truly customisable platform

Pros: We use Claromentis as our central communication and collaboration tool to allow our employees from across the country, both office-based and remote workers, to remain in contact on the go. It enables us to communicate key company announcements to everyone, in the same way, at the same time and it allows us to collaborate on projects seamlessly, remaining in contact with one another where ever we are. Claromentis centralises everything we do as a business, from helping us manage key processes, organise and monitor our company documents and policies to allowing us to share news, announcements and collaborate on projects. The possibilities within Claromentis are truly endless, allowing you to build a unique digital workspace which fits your businesses needs perfectly; the scope of different features it offers is fantastic. We have been using Claromentis for six months and have already seen the great impact it has had on our operations, and we still have areas to uncover!

Cons: For us, inter-app alerts are difficult to follow. There are so many moving parts to Claromentis and the @mention feature works great in some areas, but not in others; it doesn’t always trigger a notification to the mentioned individual. This makes it difficult to keep on track of communication happening within the different apps which make up Claromentis. There is also not currently a desktop or tablet app, which if available would bring the digital workspace into its own and separate it from a web application. However, those things being said, the pros and the benefits Claromentis has brought to our organisation and the way we work speak volumes and far outweigh the cons, which hopefully in time will no longer exist.

Tori W, Apprenticeship Connect

Claromentis Review for 120 person agency

Pros: As a small agency when we first started with Claromentis (around 50 people), we were very impressed by what Claromentis could provide at the start – we used about 15 or 20% of the functionality at the beginning, with the ability to scale over time. We still haven’t hit 50% of the functionality but really like the fact that it’s a fixed cost by user group, rather than having to pay for seperate modules. It’s really allowed us to grow the platform and it’s usage across the agency over a period of time.

Cons: Overall the platform is great, although the two things we would like to be changed most are the ability to customised notifications even further and a more native chat function rather than the plugin RocketChat.

Comments (Benefits): Overall it’s been a great experience with Claromentis. The customer service has been great and we look forward to working with them both in the short and long term.

Gareth Brown, Two Circles

The all-in-one package for our company we were looking for

Pros: This intranet fulfils almost all our requirements for an intranet. We have a very decentralized company across multiple countries and this systems allows everything to come together. We use the business process management tool InfoCapture extensively from managing the Group’s creditors process, to travel to central procurement. The flexibility and ease of use is fantastic and you don’t need to be a programmer to create extensive and complex workflows for all areas of the business. This tool in particular has transformed our Group from a heavy email-based company to a lean workflow-based company.

Cons: Not much I dislike about Claromentis. There are a few minor optimisations that could be done but more and more of these seem to be corrected with each upgrade.

Comments (Benefits): Significantly greater efficiency and internal communication. Every task or requirement is now in list form so its less likely that these tasks are skipped over as they would be with emails. Customer service with Claromentis is fantastic and all queries are attended to within a short period of time. In most cases they have a solution for the problems we are experiencing. Overall it has been a game-changing experience getting Claromentis implemented in the Group.

Dean Kann, Avacare Health Group

Customer Service Stellar Service

Pros: The ease of functionality, its ability to expand to serve a variety of needs and streamline some of our processes. It eventually will evolve into a one-stop shop for our network to access all of its operation points.

Cons: Being able to incorporate our other data platforms into this one has been a challenge.

Comments (Benefits): We’re able to move into a paperless environment, increase transparency and access to information and streamline some of our processes.

DeRon Talley, LSBDC

Claromentis has continued to deliver fantastic software, while maintaining exemplarily support

Pros: Without doubt, the breadth and extensibility of the software is the main thing that has kept us as a customer for over a decade. As such long time users, the software is created in a way which allows us to customise the solution as our businesses have evolved. This is critical for our users to ensure they don’t suffer from change fatigue. While the system has 100’s of features, the three stand our applications from our point of view are the: 1. Electronic forms and business process module; the 2. Document management module; and the 3. Social enterprise and user engagement module. On top of all this, the support is second to none. As we work across multiple time zones, this is an important element, and something that Claromentis recognises and works with us on.

Cons: Main challenge for us is more of an internal one. Because the software is capable of so much, managing user expectations (including dealing with scope creep) has meant that some mini-projects have not taken off. This is by no means a reflection on the software, which has always delivered what we’ve asked for.

Comments (Benefits): It’s hard to define exactly, as the software is very much a back end system. As a general rule, we’ve achieved time savings to workflow efficiencies, even through to improved product return rates.

Robert Reith, Intranet Solutions

Claromentis is an easy to use, out of the box solution for every business problem

Pros: The many applications that are visually pleasing and well accepted by content managers as well as users. Claromentis is a wonderful piece of software, and the upgrades are always bringing it to the next level.

Comments (Benefits): Better communication between employees and management as well as departments. An all accessible resource area for users, and a major factor in time management when it comes to yearly reviews etc.

Jasmine Goreas, FiveHT

Excellent platform for an Intranet

Pros: Excellent customer service, great fast software with a lot of built-in functionality to allow you to get the site quickly and efficiently.

Cons: We would love to be able to tag people in comments and have a like button on photos and comments, etc.

Shana Hoch, Sprague Operating Resources LLC

Claromentis offers a great set of features and benefits at the right price.

Pros: The platform ticked all of our requirements. Don’t try and built it yourself when it’s ready, off the shelf for a monthly fee. There’s many features we not currently using, but give us scope for continuous improvement. It’s changed they way we communicate with our members. Having used the platform for over 12 months, I have to say the we are very pleased with both the platform and the support. I have recommended it to two other organisations, once of which has already implemented it for their business

Comments (Benefits): Great set of features at the right price. It’s an excellent communications platform that is easy to customise and update. Why try and build it yourself when its ready now, off the shelf. It only took us two weeks to customise and implement

Tim Beaumont, Nemo Group

Great way to communicate with remote workers

Pros: Easy for employees to find documents, links to frequently used websites, company updates. Our firm has sales employees and can display on the homepage a “leaderboard” with ranking. Motivates our sales team – they pay close attention to this feature and even call up if something was missed on our part and want to be posted for recognition.

Cons: The back end takes a little getting used to – have to spend time training new admin users. Front-end simple for users.

Christian Chase, Chase Real Estate

This platform is perfect for people who are not necessarily in IT or need software experience

Pros: As an insurance agent, I was able to create extranet sites for our clients with minimal effort. The ability to set up SLA’s and having everything be time stamped was a huge plus in creating workflows.

Cons: Not too many cons. There were some things I would have liked to been able to customize. There were a few items that took some extra steps but Claromentis was very receptive to feedback and changing the platform where necessary.

Comments (Benefits): Creating “stickiness” with our clients to assist retention rate.

Rachel Hilton, Risk Strategies Company

An amazing product at a reasonable price, what could be better than that?

Pros: The intranet looks great and has a lot of features right out of the box. No modules and features that cost extra money. Whether hosted or with an in-house server, the cost is very reasonable. A lot of other companies like to nickle and dime you for every little feature and we love that Claromentis is no nonsense when it comes to their pricing. The permission controls are very granular and with a clear company structure, each user’s experience could be tailored specifically to them. These features just get better and better too with each update. The updates are not too frequent, but they always bring noticeable changes at no extra charge (hosted platform). The support is very helpful, usually responding to issues or changes within 24 hours (emergencies even faster). As far as down-time goes, we have experienced none (other than for updates) with the hosted platform and I can’t explain how nice it is not to have to worry about that. Their e-learning module is great and has significantly helped to streamline our training. New employees can be hired and their new hire training immediately sent to them as soon as they log into the intranet, no manager intervention required. The InfoCapture module is great for getting rid of complicated Excel sheets that are emailed back and forth. Overall, it’s an amazing product at a reasonable price!

Cons: First off I’d like to say these aren’t necessarily cons, just things that could make the platform even greater than it already is. Sometimes it can be difficult to navigate through all the different features, but that can be managed by turning off the things your company won’t be using. Some admin features you think would all be in one place, are scattered around in a couple different areas which can cause confusion. Some examples would be settings or permissions on an e-learning course that are not editable from the admin panel. I sometimes find myself clicking to the admin panel out of habit, only to realize the settings that I want to change are within the course itself. No IP-Whitelisting control features. If there was a way to create lists of IP’s (and a section for IP’s not listed) and assign modules or users to the various lists in the admin panel, it would be awesome. This would allow for greater control over what the users have access to at different locations. Think full access while on-site at work, and only schedules while at home. InfoCapture (their form system) is lacking some features that could be nice, such as being able to compare multiple entries, or set global calculations that would take into account specific entries. Think if a store entered their sales numbers every day, could we see what their average or max sales numbers were. Currently you can not.

Comments (Benefits): A company wide communication platform that has helped to simplify tons of daily tasks such as training, reporting, and communication with our team on important issues.

Nicholas Roberts, Cobblestone Auto Spa

A great, visually appealing platform which does not require content managers to be technical experts

Pros: The flexibility of the tool is probably its greatest asset. It comes with many great apps (calendar, events, news, blogs, documents, microblogging tool etc.) that you combine during the development phase of your intranet to design the product and UI that will best serve your needs. The layout is really customisable and the designers’ team will support you to elaborate a usable homepage which is also visually appealing. The possibility to embed, in different pages or sections, components that are dynamically synchronised with the main apps (calendar, events, news, blogs etc.) allows you to share information in the most appropriate ways with various departments or groups of users, while avoiding multiple posting. The Claromentis team has also been very effective with the custom development we requested, explaining the pros and the cons of each decision and identifying workaround solutions at minimal cost, always in the respect of established deadlines. The support team is really responsive and supportive too.

Cons: Because we requested a high level of customisation, future system upgrades may be more difficult and require more testing. Sometimes I wish also there were less apps, but the functionalities of the core apps would be pushed even further (although the notion of “core apps” is subjective and probably depends on the client’s needs)

Comments (Benefits): With this software we improved our communication with our staff and community.

Verified reviewer

An excellent and easy to use software platform for clear communication to the business

Pros: The software is very easy to use as an administrator. Business gatekeepers can use the software without being IT experts. Previously there had been a reliance on internal IT and third party resource to make basic changes across the platform. The support given by Claromentis is excellent and they are very receptive to feedback and requests for help and advice. There is an excellent “Playground” configuration which allows you to play with the software and get used to the functionality and administration functions.

Cons: There are no real cons in terms of the software or the excellent support. Once people are trained in the administration functions then it is very easy to use and keep updated.

Comments (Benefits): The ability to provide up to date and relevant information to the business without the users and administrators being IT experts.

Dave Wilson, Hollywood Bowl Group

Easy to set-up, easy to use, has a whole host of awesome features that bring our network together

Pros: We really enjoy being about to do several things on one platform. We are able to share resources as well as chat across continents and share ideas all in one easy to use place.

Cons: I suppose we just wish we could do everything in our job functions on our intranet as it makes things so much easier.

Comments (Benefits): We are able to connect our entire network in a few easy clicks.

Samantha Clark, SeriousFun Children’s Network

Great product, easy to use, and great team to work with

Pros: The ease of use. I am not a technology person and this can be set up in a very easy way. Our users relate it to our internal Facebook!

Cons: The frequency of the upgrades, although you do not need to upgrade and as the platform does upgrade, it gets better and better!

Comments (Benefits): This software brought our network together and allows for an easy to use place to store documents.

Jacqueline Longo, SeriousFun Children’s Network

Very good software with a few opportunities

Pros: Quick standup, good functionality and easy to use one you find the area you’re looking for. Very flexible and well thought out.

Cons: The administrative and content management is not very intuitive. Our project team said they are changing the platform – once this is corrected, it will be perfect.

Comments (Benefits): The group was absolutely great. We had a quick stand up time period (30days) and they were on top of everything! Highly recommend them!

Patrick Clark, Recovery Centers of America

In terms of getting things seen by the rest of the company, it’s great

Pros: Although we don’t utilize all of the available plugins/modules, it’s been a great piece of software for us as a company. It’s so flexible and provides more than you could ever need. From a personal point of view the UX is great so can’t fault it really. Customer service has always gone above and beyond.

Cons: Nothing to add on this front really. The platform is something I’ve recommended on many occasions.

Comments (Benefits): Really excellent combination of features and tools. Love using it.

Verified reviewer

Team Work

Pros: What we liked most about this software was the ease **and the speed** with which we were able to implement it and get our first workflows online. Because the Claromentis team is set to work closely with a customer in getting their server (we use the on-premise option) up and running, and also carefully train the customer in the use of the different features (we use InfoCapture in particular), they ensure that a customer quickly becomes a success story.

Cons: If we could add anything here would be only the lack of an intelligible output for the InfoCapture workflow rules. I’m sure at some point the team will add a visualization tool that would allow non-technical users to understand the currently workflows on an InfoCapture project. The current interface however is very easy to use for system administrators.

Comments (Benefits): Our overall experience with Claromentis has been outstanding: The main reason behind this is the fact that the company is setup to work with customers closely and perform critical tasks and services which were fundamental to us as a small business:

Initial training
The Claromentis team provided us with plenty of time of training directly with their service reps and engineers to ensure that as administrators we fully understood the platform

As expected, we quickly ran into situations where we needed special functionality not present in the standard product. The claromentis team was able to work with us to properly spec out these customizations and achieve them to our full satisfaction. This has been a **fundamental** part of our relationship and an element that we are convinced would have been very difficult to find with other vendors.

Ernesto Salas, Nidec Sankyo America

So far the quality and support has been great with “easy-to-implement” apps with great support

Pros: The fact that you can implement useable tools included in an intranet system in a few clicks. The support team is also friendly and reliable.

Cons: In larger and complex organisations, the apps almost always need to be tweaked because the “out of the box” possibilities might not satisfy complex organisation requirements.

Ken Edeh, Velox

Good tool at a good price

Pros: This platform allowed us to build a site in a short amount of time and with limited coding experience…at a great price! The support team has always been very responsive as well!

Cons: We opted for the “out of the box” version, which limited us in terms of customization, but the upside was the small investment needed to get up and running.

Lori Fallesen, Insurance Company