Intranet Features


Converse with your coworkers directly in your intranet

With our Communication app, your intranet will quickly become “the place to be” for your staff to share thoughts, ideas, or simply talk. Complete with an iMessage/Whatsapp-inspired user interface, staff can send messages to individuals or start a group thread to communicate to multiple coworkers.

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Boost employee engagement

Our Communication app is another piece of the employee engagement puzzle, providing a dedicated space for employees to collaborate, engage, and connect with each other. Our other communication tools, like corporate social networking, intranet forums, and project discussion areas mean you’ve got yourself one very social intranet.


Clean and modern interface

Like we do with every area of our digital workplace software, we’ve designed our Communication app according to UX and UI best practises, as well as taking inspiration from the messaging apps you use every day. The clean and modern interface makes messaging your coworkers a breeze.


Start a group conversation with message threads

Need to send a message to several people? No problem. Simply start a group conversation by adding the relevant team members to your message, and our Communication app will automatically group together replies into a single thread.


Customise your messages with files and emojis

No messaging app is complete without emojis. That’s why our intranet Communication tool supports emoji usage, so you can emote your messages to your heart’s content. Our rich-text editor also allows you to add links, share files, and format text styling, giving your messages that personal touch.


Start a conversation from any notification

Start a conversation in one click. From any app notification that you receive, you can kick-start a discussion based on the specific notification topic. Messages initiated from here will automatically reference the notification content, so you can send quick and relevant feedback to your coworkers.


Keep messages organised

Our streamlined Communication app inbox keeps all your messages organised by thread, making it easy to locate conversations. You can also archive messages that you no longer need, and search for messages using our in-built searching tool.


Send mass notifications

If you have the relevant permissions, you can sent bulk, one-off notifications to multiple staff – super handy if you need to alert several teams about something important and time-pressing.