Intranet Features


Eliminate email with internal intranet messaging

Reduce inbox overload with Communication, our internal intranet messaging tool that consolidates your conversations into one central space. Our Communication app enables your staff to post internal messages to their colleagues, managers, or entire teams within a private, non-shared space, so that conversations stay focussed and secure.

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Send internal messages directly within your intranet

By using our Communication app, you can easily send internal messages from within the intranet software you use every day. Doing so keeps lines of communication focussed within one platform, reducing distractions and context-switching. Our in-built user browser helps you quickly find the teammate you want to message, saving you time from searching for the correct contact details.


Reduce distractions with asynchronous chat

Constant emails, instant messages, and video calls are a major distraction, draining your team’s productivity and focus. Our Communication app gives your staff an asynchronous space to have meaningful conversations that don’t need an urgent response, which will reduce interruptions and streamline your internal communication channels.


Boost employee engagement

Our Communication app is another piece of the employee engagement puzzle, providing employees with a dedicated, private space to connect with each other. Use our Communication app in combination with our collaboration tools, social networking feeds, and project spaces to give your teams a social intranet that keeps them engaged.


Create rich-text messages

Send internal intranet messages with style. Our Communication app includes a rich-text editor that allows you to add emojis, links, files, and formatting so that you can give your messages that extra personal touch.


Start a conversation from any notification

Start a conversation in one click. From any app notification that you receive, you can start a new message thread that automatically references the notification content, so you can send quick and relevant feedback to your coworkers.


Keep messages organised

Our streamlined Communication app inbox keeps all your messages organised by thread, making it easy to locate conversations. You can also archive messages that you no longer need, and search for messages using our in-built searching tool.