Why Your Business Should Revisit its Digital Workplace Strategy

In a nutshell, a digital workplace can be defined as a workplace that enables better ways of working by combining employee engagement tools with consumer-focused technologies. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses have been rushed into implementing a digital workplace strategy to allow their staff to work away from the physical office and implement remote working.

But while many companies are focused on merely surviving during this period, they are neglecting to look at how to also remain profitable in the future. By reviewing and updating your digital workplace strategy now, your business can be ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

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Why is building a digital workplace important?

Today, almost every business has some digital element to it. The backbone of many businesses is a technology infrastructure, even if they are a traditional brick and mortar company. We live in a digital society, and technology is an important part of most employees’ lives.

Whether they use technology to communicate with colleagues or friends via smartphones, or use apps to pay their bills or listen to music, they are digitally connected in some way. A successful digital workplace is therefore essential to a successful business. A strong digital workplace strategy should cover employee experiences, policies, hardware and software, ongoing employee training, as well as customer experience.

How often should you revisit your digital workplace strategy?

As we mentioned above, many businesses have been forced to revisit their digital strategy in record time due to the pandemic. However, it’s vital that business don’t wait only until times of crisis to assess their digital workplace. By revisiting and updating their digital workplace strategies regularly, businesses will be better prepared for future challenges.

There is no set formula for how often to revisit your digital workplace strategy; some business leaders may choose to do so once a year, once a month, or even on a weekly basis. Every company should evaluate their individual requirements and make a decision based on their needs. For example, if your business is agile and fast-paced, then a flexible strategy that supports this would be best. Whether it’s quarterly, twice a year, or once a week, ensure you revisit your strategy as often as you need.

Why Your Business Should Revisit its Digital Workplace Strategy

Use data to make decisions

It is important to update your digital workplace software if you feel it’s not working at its best for your company. However, don’t rush into decision without covering all bases first. Use existing data on team productivity, company performance, and employee engagement to establish a benchmark, and analyse the results to understand how successful your current digital workplace strategy is, and whether you need a better solution.

The importance of being proactive

Issues shouldn’t only be addressed when crisis strikes. Regularly revisiting your digital workplace strategy means that your employees will remain productive and engaged throughout any challenges.

This is proven when looking at how businesses reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic; those who were up-to-date and happy with their workplace strategy were able to easily respond and adapt to the crisis, whereas those who had no remote workplace strategy in place struggled to adjust.

Revisit to improve the employee experience

If employees are struggling to find the information that they need on their digital workplace, then it’s time to revisit your strategy. A confusing and complicated digital workplace can lead to employees spending hours searching for the right documents or information, which is detrimental to productivity. To boost efficiency, your teams should make incremental improvements to the system to provide a more consistent and user-friendly experience.

A total revamp of the system may be slightly ambitious, but by making small changes and improvements, employers can increase the findability of their intranets, saving both employee time and boosting company productivity. As businesses are constantly evolving, a digital workplace strategy must be revisited regularly to ensure it’s agile, dynamic, and responsive.

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