Intranet Features

Intranet role-based permissions

Manage intranet access with role-based permissions

Our intranet permissions framework is the backbone of our digital workplace software, giving you the flexibility to control who can see and do what on your intranet.

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Control who can access your intranet data

Control which departments, teams, or individuals can access specific intranet apps, documents, e-forms, e-learning courses, and more using our flexible permissions framework. You can assign permissions based on intranet roles too, providing access to people based on their intranet responsibilities, such as content creators, intranet designers, or event organisers.

Intranet Permissions

Give intranet access to your stakeholders

Provide access to your external stakeholders, such as customers, business partners, or suppliers, using our advanced permissions features. These allow you to tailor access so that your third-parties only view the data they need, and keeps your internal information confidential.

Intranet Permissions

Restrict access using IP whitelisting

Need to keep documents super secure? Lock down access using our IP whitelisting feature, which automatically detects a user’s location and restricts the documents they can view. You can set up multiple IP ranges – such as office and home – to keep your confidential files secure.

Intranet Permissions