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Enhance internal communications with targeted intranet news

Give your internal comms team the tools they need to deliver essential messages and news to your staff. Our intranet news feature empowers your team to create engaging, targeted, and relevant news articles that will make your intranet software the go-to place for staying in-the-know.

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Reach your staff with targeted news

Use Channels to target news to specific staff, so they only get updates on what matters to them most.

Increase engagement with social tools

Get people engaging with important news by utilising social tools such as “likes”, comments, and share buttons.

Boost readership rates with rich content

Create content-rich news articles and interactive homepage sliders that will maximise readership.

Schedule automatic publish dates

Stay organised with scheduling features such as automatic publish and expiry dates.

Make the headlines with engaging news articles

Regular, fresh content is what turns a good intranet into an amazing one. Our easy-to-use text editor gives your content creators the tools to create engaging news articles packed full of images, links, and rich content, with no technical skills needed. Your internal comms team can also build templates to pre-populate articles with content, handy for newsletters that contain similar info.

Intranet News

Target the right news to the right staff

Stop overwhelming your staff with irrelevant news. With our Channels feature, you can target topical news to specific teams, so they only see information that counts. Personalise the experience by segmenting news into departments such as HR, finance, or marketing. Need to share news company-wide? There’s a dedicated “General” channel for that.

Intranet News

Display news articles in 3 engaging ways

Get your content noticed with 3 compelling ways to display news articles on your intranet homepage. Choose from card view, list view, or interactive slider to present your news articles, and see engagement rates rise.

Intranet News

Encourage feedback and interaction with social features

Invite valuable employee feedback by enabling comments on your news articles. By utilising our in-built social tools, staff can “like” articles, add comments, and share their favourite news pieces in a couple of clicks, creating a two-way conversation that promotes an open company culture.

Intranet News

Make your message stick

Sharing an important news article that needs maximum engagement? Use our “Stick it” feature to pin vital news to the top of the list, so that it always appears first even when new articles are published. Set an expiry date to unpin news automatically after your desired timeframe.

Intranet News

Keep control of your content

Our intranet news app contains everything your internal comms team need to manage the nuts and bolts of posting news. Keep control of view rights using permissions, set publish and expiry dates to automate distribution, and create an approval process to maintain accountability. Make it easy for staff to find related content by adding tags, and organise expired news articles into automatically generated archives.

Intranet News

Increase exposure with news notifications

Draw attention to your news articles by sending a notification whenever you hit “publish”. Your staff will receive an email, internal message, or mobile push notification alerting them to your new article, with a direct link that takes your staff straight to your content.

Intranet News