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Enhance internal communications with intranet news

Give your employees the knowledge and support to efficiently do their jobs with effective internal communications. Keep staff up-to-date and informed of the plans and activities of your company by posting news articles and announcements, so that they can relate their daily tasks and responsibilities to the success of the business.

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Headline news and announcements

There are two types of news, Headline news and Announcements. Both are permission based, and are displayed in different locations on the intranet. Headline news can be posted into specific channels through the News Admin panel. News can be created from existing templates, and images, external links and HTML can be added. Users can rate, comment and subscribe to news articles. News from relevant channels can easily be embedded on a particular page in a team site – for example HR News on the HR site. Announcements can be posted on a specific date and to specific users, and will be displayed on the homepage.

Intranet News

News channel and structure

Claromentis provides a mechanism for users to easily subscribe to the news they want to see, as well as being presented with default news articles when published. This division of news into information streams that can be easily permissioned is the concept of ‘channels’ in intranet news. Users with the required access can edit the permissions of any particular news article by clicking on the Edit link under the Permissions column. You can add users to news channels and assign different permissions to different users by responding to the easy to use universal permission dialogue.

Intranet News


System administrators can easily edit the permissions of any particular news article to ensure that only certain departments, or users can view the article. There exists a default news channel which can also be described as a master news channel as it allows all users to view the news article. This is the preferred channel for publishing important corporate information as the article cannot be changed or removed.

Intranet News


The concept of notifications is used throughout Claromentis, when attention should be drawn to new or modified information within the portal. There are two forms of notifications:

  • Making users aware that a new article has been created and their attention is needed
  • A new article has been created but the user must approve the article before it can be published

The notification will be received by email or pop-up, according to the user’s preference.

Intranet News


Configuration allows you to define how many news items are displayed on your intranet home page. It is also possible to define how big the news images should be. Setting just a fixed height or width will ensure that the images are not distorted when the system displays then. Once the settings have been put in place the system will always adhere to your requirements.

Intranet News

Blogs, tags and comments

Where appropriate the interface can present the news channel as an intuitive blog and it includes features such as tagging, commenting, related news, and auto generation of blogs for each month. Intranet blogs can be permissioned for any user group – for example a sales team blog, and mounted within any publish page as an integral part of that departments presence within the portal.

Intranet News

News archive

When a news item has expired or the list of published news exceeds the display limit it will be placed into the news archive. This fully searchable archiving system turns old news into a valuable source of knowledge for future and existing employees.

Intranet News