Features and Benefits of the Claromentis E-Forms & Workflow Portal

Increase Productivity

With our e-forms software portal solution, we enable organizations to increase productivity, streamline their workflows, and make informed decisions.We provide all the necessary tools to optimize and automate complex business processes, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations, and enhancing collaboration and communication across teams.

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Key Features


Workflow management and automation

E-forms creation and management with no-code software

Seamless integration with existing systems.

Comprehensive user permission system.

Supporting integrated applications

Polls and Surveys for all users.

9 pre-built templates for compliance purposes

You can use these to build on to generate the precise online forms and workflows that your business needs.

Process version control



Simplify form creation and management.

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Optimize and automate complex business processes.


Gain valuable insights for informed decision-making.

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Enhance collaboration and communication across teams.

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Ensure data security and privacy.

Put all your processes in context with full supporting information by using our process management portal.

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Streamline Communication and Collaboration

Our portal completely supports user provisioning from central systems such as Active Directory – including memberships of groups for automated and customizable permissions – and Single Sign On (SSO) is also fully available.

Get started with Claromentis E-Forms & Workflow Management today and experience the benefits of an all-in-one solution that empowers your team to streamline and optimize business processes for increased efficiency and compliance.