E-Form and Workflow Examples

Get inspired with our e-forms and workflows examples

Our Business Process Management platform provides endless opportunities for creating bespoke e-forms and workflows to suit your requirements. Here’s a collection of e-form and workflow examples for inspiration.

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HR E-Forms

Return to Work E-Form

A Return to Work e-form will give employees an opportunity to submit an accurate record of absence-while also supporting the HR team in managing the entire employee absence process. Information submitted on the e-Form can be routed to the necessary team members to ensure that adequate adjustments are implemented to support employees in their return to work. A workflow process can be created to replicate your organisation’s sickness policy and to confirm that the necessary procedures have taken place.

E-Form and Workflow Examples

Performance Review E-Form

Using the Claromentis Business Process Management system, you can create an automated process for employee performance reviews. This online review form can be kept secure through the in-built permission engine and it’s a great method to accurately capture, manage and route information to necessary team members. Timers and notifications ensure that management feedback is presented to each employee within a given timeframe. Employee information can be centrally and securely stored, replacing paper-based performance review forms.

E-Form and Workflow Examples

Exit Interview E-Form

Managers can conduct and record interviews with employees who are leaving the business, using a custom-built Exit Interview e-Form. A survey style e-Form can be created to capture employee feedback on a range of topics and this information can be presented to an employee’s manager. The e-Form can contain open questions as well ratings, for instance “on a scale of 1-10”. The employee e-Form survey can have specific sections relating to the working environment, culture and personal development.

E-Form and Workflow Examples

Employee of the Month E-Form

This is can be a simple form, whereby users are able to nominate a colleague for an achievement or outstanding performance each month. Employees can submit nominations along with the reasons why they’ve chosen a certain team member for the award.

E-Form and Workflow Examples


Training Budget Request

Create an e-form to enable employees to submit training requests and to help your HR team keep track of departmental and individual training budgets. Using the online e-Form Builder, employees must submit all of the necessary information in relation to the training request to enable the HR team to approve or decline it. Employees will be able to check the status of their requests and they’ll also receive notifications when the status has been updated. It’s also possible to extend the training budget request e-form to enable employees to submit updates as they complete their training.

Internal Vacancies

Use the e-form builder to support the management of internal vacancies within your organisation. Employees can select from a list of open vacancies and input the required information into the e-form along with document uploads, such as a CV. Applications can be routed to departmental managers and the HR team to progress and evaluate each internal application.

Finance E-Forms

Purchase Order Requests E-Forms

Using our e-form builder, a workflow process can be created to manage purchase order requests-which will allow employees to choose from a list of available products, predefined in the database. Employees simply need to select a product and insert the quantity. Workflows may be configured, allowing a simple or complex approval process to begin, based on the employee’s department, the order total or any other factor.

E-Form and Workflow Examples

Corporate Merchandise Request

Employees with the assigned permission-rights are able to request company merchandise – they can select their size, choose the colour and even add customisations. The workflow can be set up to allow generic requests staff requests to be approved by the marketing team and the order placed immediately. For non-generic requests, the management team can evaluate and approve the request prior to marketing team placing the order. Employees requesting merchandise can keep track of their requests using notifications.

Customer Finance Approval E-Form

For organisations that offer finance products to customers at the point of sale, an e-Form can be used by employees to capture customer information, which is then routed to the finance team to review for approval. Once reviewed, the status of each application can be changed as it progresses through the predefined workflow.

Marketing E-Forms

Event Management

Using the Claromentis e-form builder, event planners can log event details and requirements. This may be a simple e-form, capturing basic event details such as when and where the event will take place, who will be attending and any required equipment. Alternatively, it may be set up to handle the entire event planning process, including budgeting, reservations, invitations and risk management.

E-Form and Workflow Examples

Corporate Merchandise

Similar to the sales material request e-form, it’s possible to create a workflow process to manage employee requests for corporate merchandise. Employees, with the appropriate permission-rights, can submit requests for corporate merchandise. The e-form can be set up to enable employees to select from a list of predefined merchandise products; requests are then routed to the right people, for instance the marketing and finance departments.

E-Form and Workflow Examples


Customer Case Study Approval

This can be a simple content approval e-form that enables the marketing team to upload customer case studies to the management team for their review and approval, before publishing them. On the other hand, it can be used by the sales and account management teams to issue customer information to the marketing team to enable them to engage directly with the customer.

Sales Material Request

To help manage the sales department’s requests for marketing collateral, an e-form can be created to allow the sales team to submit content requests. Information such as the type of collateral required and the reason for the request as well as the intended audience can be submitted with each marketing request. If approved, the marketing team can attach the finished collateral and include additional information in the ‘Notes’ section.

Customer Support E-Forms

Help Desk

Users are able to submit problems, questions and requests using this custom-built e-form while assigning the level of urgency to each ticket. Your support team can prioritize, process and respond to each ticket within the agreed SLA. There is no need to worry about members of the support team responding to the same ticket because everyone on the team can see who is working on the ticket and its status. Conversations between the user and the support team take place in the dedicated ‘notes’ area within the ticket and attachments can be added using the file upload feature.

E-Form and Workflow Examples

Bug Tracker

The main benefit of a bug tracking system is to provide a clear, centralised overview of development requests, including both bugs and enhancements (of which the boundary is often hazy) and their current state. The prioritised list of pending bugs (often called the backlog) provides valuable input when defining the product road map or even the next release.

Using the Report Wizard, custom reports can be created to identify trends in statistics. Furthermore, the Dashboards module may be used to produce charts, showing the number of bugs open, pending and closed.

E-Form and Workflow Examples

Product Review

Build a product review survey to capture customer feedback and ensure the information is seen by your product managers. This is a cost-effective method of discovering customer insights and it will improve the experience for current customers and help to attract new customers.

E-Form and Workflow Examples


Customer Cancellation Process

Keep track of customer cancellations and ensure that each request is managed swiftly and feedback is captured. This e-form can be completed by customers within your business processes portal or it can be an internal e-form used by employees.

Service/Upgrade Requests

Build an e-form to enable customers to submit a product or system upgrade request. Each request can have service level agreements attributed to it to ensure that customer requests are effectively managed within a specific timeframe.