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Compliance Management Software

Adhere to company law and quality standards

Compliance is an increasingly critical issue for many companies. Our Compliance Management Software ensures that your organisation can adhere to company law and quality standards whilst supporting your business processes.

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Step 1 - Create a compliance object

The administration panel contains all the necessary features to enable the system administrator to create, manage and monitor the compliance procedure. The application is extremely flexible and allows a compliance object to be a document, publish page or even an external URL. Frequently a compliance object is a changed policy/procedure, or an external website with important guidelines on legislation. The system is designed to ensure that users can comply with both internal and external sources.

As a First Step, Create a Compliance Object

Step 2 - Inform users of a compliance requirement

A compliance requirement is issued in the form of an email, which can be edited to inform the users of specific requests and/or any additional tasks to be completed. The application contains a tag system allowing the administrator to choose a specific target audience, or a default procedure can be put in place to send the email to all users who have viewing rights.

Automate Notifications to Inform Users of a Compliance

Step 3 - Manage compliance

The compliance application allows you to monitor and also manage the progress of each compliance procedure. The system has the ability to generate a report at any stage of the compliance procedure, which can also be generated to identify specific users who have not yet complied with the request. The appropriate action can then be carried out by the organisation to ensure that all their staff possess a clear understanding and are complying with the specific requirements. These reports are saved and available to meet the needs of any relevant audits.

Step 3 - Manage Compliance

Benefits of the Compliance application:

  • Ensures that a targeted audience views or downloads specific information important to the organisation
  • Users can be encouraged to view a particular document, publish page, forum post or web page and agree to comply with the content of the information by clicking on a link
  • Reminders can be easily sent to the users who do not acknowledge the initial request for their compliance

Benefits of the Compliance Management Application