Design an intranet for teams to call their own

Give your teams, offices, and external partners a great intranet to call their own by creating personalised intranet homepage designs that reflect their branding. Customise fonts, colour schemes, logos, and more to create an intranet that acts as an extension to your teams’ corporate identity.

Several different colourful gradient panels stacked on top of each other

Create a custom intranet design without any coding

Our intuitive digital workplace tools empower you to design a custom intranet in minutes, with no technical or coding experience needed. Simply choose and click the colours, styling, background, and layout you want from our intranet software, and your tailored intranet homepages are ready to go.

A preview of how the drag and drop system works.

Align your external and internal branding

Align your intranet design with your external corporate branding to create a solid identity that spans across your business. With hundreds of colour and styling options to choose from, you can build an intranet brand that truly represents your company.

Panels with different backgrounds layered with contrast icon colours to show how dynamic our design system is

Improve the user experience with regular intranet redesigns

Keeping your intranet fresh is effortless thanks to our intranet design tools, which allow you to rebrand in minutes. Regularly reviewing your intranet design is key to maintaining employee engagement levels and improving the user experience, and our software makes intranet redesign super easy.

Change your intranet layout and design with ease Change your intranet layout and design with ease Change your intranet layout and design with ease

See your intranet design changes in real time

Be sure that your intranet design looks how you imagine by using our in-built preview tool, which displays a stylised preview of your intranet as it appears in your teams’ desktop and mobile device. Any changes you make to the colour scheme, logo, background, and card styling will preview in real time, so that you can check it before you publish it.

An example of the intranet theme preview system in action

Integrates seamlessly with our content management system

Our intranet design tools work in harmony with our Pages content management system, so that you can create an intranet that has both style and substance. Simply use Pages to embed interactive social media feeds, company news channels, and productivity apps into your intranet pages, and customise the design in a few clicks.

A depiction of how the design themes can be linked to several different pages.

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