Design and Themes

Easy to design intranet themes

Be your own intranet designer. Our easy to use Design and Themes tool allows you to create the perfect intranet for each and every employee. Change colour schemes, add logos, customise styling, and so much more for an engaging and attractive intranet that will keep staff coming back.

Personalised intranet themes for everyone

Create a personalised intranet theme for every team, perfect for companies with multiple locations who want to put their own stamp on the system. Each intranet theme can have it’s own logo, colour scheme, and homepage when used in combination with Pages, providing a truly unique and relevant intranet for all.

personalised intranet themes

No design experience necessary

Design intranet themes without any coding. Simply choose and click the colours, styling, background, and layout you want from our Design panel and your tailored intranet is ready to go. If you are technically-minded, there’s a bonus section to add your own custom CSS.

themes without any coding

Customise guest and stakeholder access

Connect with your stakeholders by creating them a custom theme to call their own, providing a professional and engaging experience. Guest access can be configured to provide visitors with a bespoke login page, complete with customisable content to direct them to the appropriate information.

Connect with your stakeholders

Align your external and internal branding

Align your intranet design with your external branding, creating a solid identity that spans across the business. With hundreds of colour and styling options to choose from, you can create an intranet brand that truly represents your company, providing a seamless experience for all employees.

Align your intranet design with your external branding

Keep it fresh

When you can update the look and feel of your intranet in minutes, keeping the system fresh is effortless. Regularly reviewing your intranet design is a key part of maintaining a system that’s relevant and engages staff, and our software makes up-to-date intranet design easy.

update the look and feel of your intranet in minutes

Seamless interaction with Pages

Our Design and Themes tool works in harmony with Pages, our drag and drop feature, to provide a comprehensive package for designing the perfect intranet. Everything from the homepage layout and content to favicons and menu colours can be configured within these powerful and intuitive apps.

Seamless interaction with Pages