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Digital Asset Management

Centrally manage corporate digital assets

The Claromentis Digital Asset Management system is an intranet module that supports organisations in the categorisation, management and distribution of images, videos and files. Permissions-based access ensures complete control is maintained while intelligent filtering and tagging helps users to quickly locate digital assets.

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Maintain brand consistency with multiple file types

The ability to centrally manage multiple variations of a company’s digital assets ensures that brand consistency is maintained across numerous channels. Each image or file added to the Digital Asset Management Module can be associated with multiple variations. This helps intranet users to select the necessary images for their particular requirements.

Digital Assets Management

Issue asset notifications

Once new digital assets have been added to the module, an automatic notification can optionally be issued to inform other intranet users who have the relevant permission rights. This keeps colleagues updated whilst eliminating the need to manually generate notifications. Intranet users can also issue a notification to request an uncompressed version of video files.

Digital Assets Management

Assign secure permission rights to digital assets

An organisation’s digital assets can be fully managed and controlled through the use of the ‘Security Group’ feature. This feature allows for permission rights to be assigned to individual users, departmental groups and even partner groups, such as external agencies. These permission rights are associated with the ability for individuals or groups to view and edit assets as well as the ability to receive notifications.

Digital Assets Management

Automatically generate smaller image files

A smaller version of image files can automatically be produced and stored within the Digital Asset Management System when new files have been added. This is an optional feature that can be selected by intranet users who have permission rights to add image files to the system.

Digital Assets Management

Download files from the file cart

Intranet users can browse through the various categories and select the necessary file types by adding them to their cart. When an intranet user has gathered all of the required file types by adding them to a cart, the files can be downloaded as a zip. The Cart feature is an effective method of selecting and downloading numerous files types at once.

Digital Assets Management

Tag clouds and filtering

Digital assets can be located quickly through the filtering capabilities and tag clouds. Search requests can be filtered by file type and permission groups. Word tags commonly assigned to assets within the Digital Asset Management System are visually represented in a tag cloud. Users can select tags to efficiently locate assets.

Digital Assets Management

View asset reports

The reporting engine allows authorised users to filter previously downloaded or viewed digital assets according to date, category and type. It is also possible to download a CSV file of filtered results.

Digital Assets Management