Data Security and Privacy

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Design showing all of the data and security features of Claromentis - Privacy and Permissions, SSO and AD integration, Data Encryption and Scalability and Security

Claromentis is the perfect solution for a company looking to take the next technological leap forward…while having the flexibility to grow with the organisation into something greater.

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Grow your business while ensuring data security and privacy

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Reliable features that scale with your business

Needs and goals change as your business grows. So you need a provider that can adapt and rise to the occasion. No matter what. Whether you need robust security across a vast network of users, or to run hundreds of complex processes simultaneously – Claromentis can handle it. 

Secure uninterrupted access, anytime, anywhere, on any device

Ensure your frontline, remote and office based workers have access to everything they need. No matter where they are working, or whether they have accessibility needs. We help achieve this through remote access through a browser, or through an app.

Easily control access rights with comprehensive permissioning system

Our intuitive permissioning system helps you limit access to sensitive information. Implement strong authentication mechanisms based on user roles or IP whitelisting. You can also grant special permissions to external stakeholders to streamline your supply chain.

Streamline user privacy to ensure data protection

Single sign on (SSO) helps simplify login processes, removing the need to remember multiple login details. You can also securely transfer user data from Microsoft Active Directory to automatically add users to your intranet. 

Protect sensitive information with data encryption

Protect your data against unauthorised access through encryption. This feature secures your data in transit and at rest, restricting access to bad actors. Plus, we secure your intranet with an SSL certificate for secure access at no extra cost.

Claromentis data security and privacy capabilities

Security integrations 

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  • Microsoft Active Directory. Automatically populate your intranet with users using our Active Directory integration.
  • Single Sign On. We integrate SSO providers like Okta, letting your users automatically login to different platforms and tools with a single set of credentials.

Data encryption

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  • SSL Basic package. Our standard package hosts your intranet on our domain. Hosted on our SaaS solution this secures you across all web-enabled devices.
  • SSL Pro package. We can secure custom domains with SSL certificates. We will also take care of SSL maintenance and certification renewal for you.

Permissions and data privacy

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  • Role-based permissions system. Grant access by department, team or user. Our flexible framework also lets you assign specific permissions at an app, document, workflow or e-learning course level.
  • Advanced third-party permissioning. Provide tailored access to customers, business partners or suppliers. Give them what they need, while safeguarding your confidential information.
  • IP whitelisting. Restrict access to ultra sensitive information based on IP address. This only grants access to documents when users are in certain locations – like their office or home. 

Build on trust, your business is in safe hands.

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