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    • Enhanced teamwork and collaboration
    • Improved corporate audit response capabilities
    • Efficiency gains achieved through self-serve options
    • Improved communication and information sharing across the company



    • Intranet Software
    • Business Process Management
    • Learning Management System

Intranet Case Study – Carefree

With 103 parks & resorts to manage nationwide, Carefree RV needed an intranet solution that was user friendly, accessible to all, and reflected their company culture at its core.

Customer background

As a trusted partner to homeowners and vacation renters nationwide, Carefree is proud to serve their customers by creating meaningful experiences for residents, guests, and team members across their 103 parks and resorts.

Purpose of the system

Deploying an intranet that was both user friendly and accessible to employees of differing levels of technical expertise was imperative to Carefree, and one of the main drivers for choosing Claromentis. Their intranet acts as the core of Carefree’s company culture, fostering co-operation and self-service options within a single digital workplace.

Carefree intranet landing page in a browser displaying the homepage components

Critical applications

The Business Process Management Platform was vital in meeting Carefree’s requirements for improving efficiency and reducing costs, while providing a robust auditing solution.
In addition, the following standard Claromentis applications further extended the benefit of Carefree’s intranet:

    • News: delivers dynamic and personalised content to drive intranet traffic
    • People: a central hub connecting teams from all over North America
    • Publish: customisable templates to embed dashboards, providing seamless data sharing


Why they liked us

Claromentis is the perfect solution for a company looking to take the next technological leap forward […] while having the flexibility to grow with the organisation into something greater. Fred – Business Systems Analyst

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