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Audit Management Software

Automate your quality management processes

Our Audit Management application has been developed to help companies manage a variety of audit procedures and activities. It also contributes to the achievement and maintenance of quality management certifications such as ISO 9001:2015. The application introduces a fully functioning comprehensive internal auditing system into your organisation, while also contributing to internal best practices, which are crucial to business survival and prosperity.

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Schedule, manage and run audits

The calendar and permission system allows lead auditors to schedule all audits for each site. This includes specifying the relevant legislation that will form the subject of the audit, as well as the audit team. The system allows for multiple legislation sets to be reviewed in a single visit, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Score all site audits

The system calculates the total score for each audit at each site, enabling trend analysis over time. This provides a consistent set of information for quality management review.

screenshot showing total score of an audit
Image screenshot showing audit responses

Manage and record all non-conformance

For compliance the most important category of observations are non-compliances, however the system also allows the recording of more positive observations with appropriate scoring for each.

Each non-conformance has corrective actions assigned against it. These remedial actions are clearly assigned to a recipient. The relevant workflow for all non-conformances includes verification by the audit team before the corrective action is marked as complete.

  • Audit Dashboard
  • Calendar for scheduling audits
  • Unlimited Question Types
  • Unlimited Question sets
  • CAPA based methodology
  • Summary Statistics and Scoring
  • Non Conformance reporting
  • Assignment of actions to resolve non conformances
  • Verification of actions

Fully customisable

The Audit Manager application fully supports all relevant legislation, as well as internal requirements and ad hoc questions. Questions can be uploaded and maintained for any number of audit requirements and governed by appropriate legislation. The application is also fully customisable to the specific requirements of an organisation, providing a professional solution to support all audit activities.

screenshot showing a list of audits