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Build unlimited interactive quizzes

Build fun and interactive quizzes for your employees and coworkers. Test knowledge, encourage healthy competition, and earn points towards training records with our easy-to-use Quiz application.

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Integration with the Learning Management System

Our Quiz application seamlessly integrates with our Learning Management System (LMS), allowing employees to take quizzes and earn points towards their training records upon successful completion. Alternatively, Quiz can be used separately to the LMS, providing users with a standalone app for building quizzes and tests.

Intranet Quiz

Multiple choice answers

Administrators can create multiple choice quizzes with ease using our user-friendly Quiz application. Additional info and external links can be added to each question using the built-in WYSIWYG text editor, providing further guidance to employees taking tests as part of their wider training programme.

Intranet Quiz

Manage pass marks and retakes

Administrators can set a pass mark percentage for each individual quiz, providing high levels of customisability for different test types or learning ability. The option to retake can be enabled on a per-quiz basis, allowing users to try again if they don’t achieve the required pass mark first time around.

Intranet Quiz

Reveal quiz results

Quiz results can be displayed to participants, showing detailed stats such as answer breakdown, time taken to complete, and other users’ attempts. Results can be anonymised or hidden completely for confidentiality or compliance purposes.

Intranet Quiz

Run reports

Create and run custom reports against quiz results, user participation, pass rates, and more with the integrated Reports app. Reports can be scheduled to run automatically at set times, and filters can be applied to narrow down data for easy analysis.

Intranet Quiz

Encourage interaction

Providing employees with a hands-on quiz encourages participation within the wider digital workplace. Interactive quizzes and tests show investment in staff training and development, promoting a positive learning environment.

Intranet Quiz