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Enhance your training programs with engaging learning content

Create fun and interactive training content directly in your intranet using our quiz software. Our web-based quiz creator integrates seamlessly with our learning management system (LMS), allowing you to create gamified learning experiences that will enhance your teams’ knowledge.

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Out-of-the-box integration with our LMS software

Our quiz software seamlessly integrates with our learning management system, with no coding or additional set up needed. Completed quizzes will automatically award points to team members’ online training program, helping them achieve their overall learning objectives.

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Create content-rich course materials

Make learning and development fun by creating content-rich quizzes that will engage staff. Add multiple choice questions, images, supporting course content, and external links with ease using our built-in rich-text editor and authoring tools.

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Build a varied training and development program

Adopt a blended learning approach by using our learning platform and online courses in combination with our quiz software, which will provide staff with a varied and engaging training program. By diversifying your learning activities, you can promote a positive learning environment within which your teams can thrive.

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Manage quiz pass marks and retakes

Set a pass mark for each individual quiz to accommodate different test types or learning ability. You can also enable retakes on a per-quiz basis, allowing users to try again if they don’t achieve the required pass mark first time around.

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Run reports in real time

Create and run custom reports against quiz results, user participation, pass rates, and more with using our learning management system reporting tools. Schedule reports to run automatically at set times, and add filters to narrow down data for easy analysis.

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