Intranet Features

Smart Intranet Searching

Powerful intranet search engine

The Claromentis Search functionality ensures that intranet users can rapidly find information relevant to them. Furthermore, intranet administrators can continually tweak intranet search results to enhance their users’ intranet experience.

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Search requests

If users are unsuccessful in their attempts to locate information, they can submit Search Requests. Once a request has been submitted an intranet administrator will be notified. The original search term, the name of the requester and their comment will be displayed. This feedback is extremely valuable to intranet administrators as it provides a clear insight into the needs of users.

Intranet Searching

Best Bets

The Best Bets feature dramatically improves the quality of intranet search results through the prominent visibility of preselected content. Intranet users can, at certain times, encounter imprecise search results due to the fact that their intranet is information-rich. The Best Bets feature eliminates this issue as user preferences and recommendations determine the search results.

Intranet Searching

Alternative suggestions

Certain words, phrases and spellings associated with predefined ‘Groups’ will automatically present specific search results. Alternative suggestions can be effortlessly modified and extended to ensure that users can efficiently find content.

Intranet Searching

Instant filter

Application specific searches can be carried out to further filter results. A check-box system allows users to search multiple applications simultaneously.

Intranet Searching


Claromentis uses ElasticSearch to power our smart intranet searching. Benefits include:

  • Faster indexing (almost real time for isolated changes such as uploading a single document)
  • Faster searching
  • Better support for integrating modules into global search
  • Search results output include a snippet of the text where the word/phrase was found

Intranet Searching