Intranet Features

Audit Logs

Record and manage intranet user activity

The Audit Logging application maintains a complete record of individual intranet activity. Intranet administrators can specify, through configuration, the intranet actions which should be recorded and a validity time-period. Additionally, a rank value can be assigned to each intranet activity to encourage application adoption or collaboration.

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Track specific intranet applications and activities

Intranet administrators can specify their preference in regards to the intranet applications they’d like to track. Features associated with each application can be individually selected and recorded. This ensures that intranet administrators can closely track and monitor user activity and discover user trends.

Create an intranet ranking system

Ranking values or scores can be allocated to individual intranet activities. When a user performs an action or fulfils an activity, they will automatically receive the pre-allocated score. An intranet user may receive 5 points for adding a news article whilst adding a comment may receive 3 points.

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Quickly Find and Filter User Logs

User activity can be filtered by individual users, intranet application or action fulfilled. Start and end dates can be specified along with a timeframe to further filter logs and efficiently locate results. The filtered results can be downloaded as a CSV file for further analysis.

Archived user logs

A record of all user logs is maintained and stored within the ‘Archived Section’. The date of completion along with the user’s name, IP address, Group, Role and brief description of the action are recorded and available to download.

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