Intranet Features

Intranet Menu Builder

Build your own intranet menu

The Claromentis menu builder application facilitates the creation of a dynamic menu system that will generally form a key navigation aid for users browsing for content. No design skills are required and nothing in the menu system is static – everything is defined by the menu builder parameters and the existing page structure, and all users see menus and menu items according to their permissions.

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Key Menu Builder features

  • One click synchronisation with folders containing intranet pages.
  • Any number of call outs
  • Automatic breadcrumb trails to aid navigation
  • Menu item level control of permissions, visibility and order within the menu
  • Ability to add manual menu items to compliment the menu inherited from folders Instant preview before committing changes
  • Ability to embed additional menus on departmental pages

Intranet Menu Builder

Multiple intranet themes and menus

For larger systems, such as those combining intranet and extranet functionality – separate dynamic menus can be created and embedded in each separate interface. In this way the user experience of a key partner, customer or other stakeholder can be completely tailored – both in terms of permissions, design and menu items.

Intranet Menu Builder