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Share your story with intranet blogs

Our blogging application allows for informal, easy-to-generate, time-sequenced content to be generated and distributed to relevant staff. In addition, our corporate blogging software allows commenting on all posts, a standard feature of most intranet blogs.

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Fully customisable blogs

Intranet blogs are often generated by executives or the management team as a means of communicating thoughts and strategies to their staff, they can also be created by individuals with the relevant permission to provide updates on projects and to share important information. The customisable nature of our blogging application fully supports this multi-purposed approach.

Benefits of blogging

  • An established community for the author
  • The freedom to screen individual permissions for posts
  • The ability to separate the reputation of the author within the company from the author’s ability to generate interesting content
  • Improved organisational efficiency, as intranet blog participants are much more likely to adhere to conduct and ethical standards required by their organisation
Claromentis mobile push notifications
Claromentis mobile push notifications

Intranet blog permissions

Our corporate blogging software allows for permission-based news channels to be styled as blogs whenever needed. Blogs can also be created for individual departments and projects.

Comments and interactions

Comments and interaction per post can be controlled on intranet blogs, with options including:

  • No commenting
  • Instant publishing of comments
  • Approval of comments required
  • Anonymous commenting enabled

In general, we recommend that commenting on intranet blogs should be instant as participants generally adhere to reasonable standards of language and content, and employees expect to have the ability to respond to posts.

Claromentis mobile push notifications
Claromentis mobile push notifications

Integrate intranet blogging with additional apps

Moreover, our blogging application can be complemented and extended upon through the use of our corporate social networking application. It provides numerous features such as news feeds and live updates on employee and departmental channels.