Intranet Features


Communicate and track urgent announcements

Push critical information and monitor acceptance rates to keep each and every team member updated during unplanned events or emergencies. By communicating effectively in a crisis, you can minimise disruption to your business, reduce any negative impact, and alleviate staff concerns.

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Push announcements to multiple communication channels

Increase the coverage of time-sensitive or critical announcements by pushing them to multiple communication channels. Display a banner, modal, or overlay on your desktop intranet or mobile app, and send the announcement directly to employees’ email.


Require acknowledgement with 'read and accept' workflows

Add ‘read and accept’ workflows to your announcements that require staff to check a box to acknowledge they’ve read and understood the information. By asking people for confirmation, you can be reassured that they are aware of the latest events.

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View acceptance rates to monitor compliance

View statistics to see how many people have read and accepted your announcements. This data is crucial during emergencies when you need to be sure that employees are safe, or when you need a digital paper trail for compliance purposes.

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Restrict intranet access during critical announcements

When you need to send a critical update, choosing the ‘modal’ announcement layout will block any further intranet access until your staff have read and confirmed the message.  

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Communicate effectively in a crisis

Communicating last minute office closures, travel disruptions or unprecedented events effectively and quickly is key to reducing the impact of a crisis. By using Announcements in your digital workplace, you can engage your staff as soon as there’s an emergency, and keep them informed as and when the situation develops.

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Meet deadlines for key due dates

Use Announcements to communicate important due dates to your staff, such as weekly timesheets, monthly expenses, and annual appraisals, so that deadlines are always met.

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Share targeted company updates to different teams

Keep your company communications focussed and organised by sending targeted announcements to specific employees or teams.

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