Motivate and reward employees with Badges

Show your staff how much you value them with our Badges app. Our employee recognition tool empowers you to reward employees with badges that showcase their achievements, qualifications, and successes to the rest of the team.

  • Creative Thinker

    Thinks outside the box, solves problems in a creative way

    Given on 02/05/2019 by Ivan Bandura

  • Customer Champion

    For someone who keeps our customers happy and boosts retention rates

    Given on 02/05/2019 by Jayne Champion

  • Sales Superstar

    For someone who smashes those sales targets and signs up customers who’ll stay

    Given on 07/07/2019 by Sunil Sunjara

  • Tech Support Trailblazer

    For someone who executes speedy fixes and keeps our systems in tip-top shape

    Given on 02/01/2020 by Lilith Thompson

  • Content Crafter

    For someone who creates content that gives Shakespeare a run for his money

    Given on 02/02/2019 by Tyler Crane

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Create a gamified intranet

See staff level-up with a gamified and engaging intranet
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Reward your employees

Award badges to staff to show appreciation of their work
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Share the good news

Congratulate badge winners on your intranet news feeds
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Create a staff recognition program to inspire motivation

Our Badges app gives you the building blocks to create your own employee recognition program, where people’s achievements are shared and promoted across the company. Earned badges are proudly displayed on employees’ profiles for all to see, encouraging transparency and incentivising others to go above and beyond too.

Reward employees who embody your core values

Award badges to staff who regularly and consistently exhibit your business values in their day-to-day work. Whether staff excel at customer service, solve problems in innovative ways, or champion company culture, managers can assign badges to their employees for instant appreciation of their achievements.

See staff level-up with a gamified intranet

Incorporating gamified elements, like rewards, competition, and interaction into your digital workplace is proven to improve productivity, encourage learning, boost employee engagement, and foster a bit of healthy competition. Staff will be motivated to accomplish more when there’s a badge to be won!

Choose a badge or upload your own

Upload your own custom badges that match your company branding for a truly personalised award. Stuck for inspiration? Choose from our set of beautifully designed ready-made badges, where you can add solid or gradient colour backgrounds for that bespoke touch.

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Congratulate your badge winner with a personal message

When you award badges to your team members, you can add a personalised message to say why they won. Recognising your employees’ successes with instant and positive feedback will motivate them even more, boost their confidence, and inspire them to achieve their next badge.

Share the good news to celebrate staff success

Continue the good vibes by sharing the news on your intranet software whenever your team members win a badge. Publicly recognising your staff’s achievements will encourage a culture where kudos is given regularly and proactively, feeding your employee recognition program.

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