Room Booking Software.

Book Office Rooms Within Your Intranet.

The Room Booking Intranet application works as a comprehensive administrative tool in the operation of managing rooms, equipment and services within an organisation, availability is also viewable by all users of the system.

Managing the process.

Managing room bookings using intranet software is often an understated requirement of businesses, and problems may occur with double bookings or equipment being unavailable when required. The room booking intranet system was therefore designed to ensure that users experienced a smooth and reliable business process. It has proved to be a valuable asset to many of our clients – enabling resources to be redirected towards previously neglected areas within their business.


Approval Process.

There is a facility to specify whether approval by responsible person is required or not, while creating a booking. If this option is enabled, a user cannot book any room/equipment until it has been approved by the appropriate responsible person. An element of control can therefore be activated depending on the preference of the user, altering the degree to which the room booking system is human-managed.

Approval Process

View all bookings / Show diagram.

In Claromentis Room Booking system, any user can view booking made by all users by selecting the "Show diagram" functionality. The bookings are displayed in graph form, approved bookings are displayed in green, pending bookings are in grey, while rejected booking are in red. At one time, you can view booking in three different view types: day, week and two weeks.

Booking Diagram