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Intranet Hosting and Licensing

Intranet hosting and licensing options

Claromentis offers complete choice and transparency in helping your organisation choose the most appropriate deployment option. Based entirely upon individual business requirements, Claromentis can be deployed on our SaaS cloud platform or on-premise.

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SaaS: cloud deployment

Choosing our Intranet SaaS (Software as a Service) deployment option means that your Claromentis intranet is hosted via a secure cloud server (we use Google Compute Engine). The monthly cost is determined by the number of users and the required storage. An ongoing monthly payment covers the cost of the intranet software, cloud server, bandwidth, system backups, upgrades, and customer support. Cloud servers can be easily scaled to support the addition of new users and increased storage space.

Intranet Hosting and Licensing

Why choose cloud deployment?

The cloud deployment option offers organisations a fully hosted intranet solution, without having to install the software locally or manage the server. No prior IT knowledge is needed as the Claromentis Support Team will install the intranet solution and continuously maintain the cloud server. Your fully scalable intranet solution can be accessed at any time with just an internet connection and browser.

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Intranet Hosting and Licensing

Client-Hosted licence: on-premise deployment

On-premise intranet hosting will allow you to deploy Claromentis intranet software on your internal infrastructure (server). Additionally, customers with an available cloud server may also choose this deployment option and decide to pay a one-off fee for the intranet license. With this intranet deployment option, our technical support team can install the software for you, or provide instructions for your internal team. Claromentis intranet software can be deployed on both Windows or Linux using either MYSQL or MSSQL.

Intranet Hosting and Licensing

Why choose on-premise deployment?

With on-premise intranet deployment, a Client-Hosted software licence is purchased as a one-off fee, compared to our SaaS hosting option which involves an ongoing monthly cost. A yearly support and maintenance fee, which varies in accordance with the cost of the software licence, includes future software upgrades, telephone and email support, access to our customer support portal and online ticketing system. Customers selecting this deployment option have complete control of their server and benefit from the additional security provided by corporate firewalls, ease of integration with Active Directory, and Single Sign-On configuration.

Intranet Hosting and Licensing