How healthcare institutions can benefit from intranet software

author Brett Dixon, February 3, 2017

If you’ve not heard of it already, the ‘intranet’ is essentially a private or restricted communications network that relies on the Internet, which can be accessed remotely by anyone with working log-in details. It is employed in many businesses, schools and universities as a secure way in which employees, staff or students can collaborate, communicate, learn and share documents and information.

Intranet software is a worthwhile investment for your healthcare institution; here’s why…

Build connections

When you’re working with a number of different employees, hospitals, medical centres, hospices and providers, it can be difficult to keep in constant communication. It can also be difficult to know who to speak with unless there are staff profiles available.

Creating an intranet ‘hub’ for your institution means everyone can tap into one space from wherever they are and find the right person to speak with. Corporate social networking is a great way for people within your workplace to connect instantly without any hassle.

It is also a great way of being able to find which doctors are on call, should you need them in an emergency. For larger healthcare organisations, you can also use your intranet to ensure staff between different wards and departments are always connected and able to send messages to each other securely.

Keeping everyone on track

When everyone is doing different jobs carrying varying responsibilities, it can be challenging keeping on top of what needs doing. By enforcing workflow management and task management software, you can ensure jobs get done and individuals take control of their own roles. It also means you can hold staff accountable for work that isn’t completed or that later causes issues.

In a nursing home or hospice, for example, it allows a rota to be put in place that ensures all staff can check which patients have had their medications given for the day, who has been checked by the doctor or nurse, which staff are looking after which patients for the day and whether meals have been served, etc. This allows for a much higher quality of care for the patients but also factors highly into health and safety, ensuring wrong medications or doses are not given, and that checks are made.

Keep files in order

Intranet software is particularly useful for keeping documentation organised and recorded. In healthcare organisations, paperwork is not only plentiful but also largely private. Having secure records is key – but it’s also important that those in need can access them whenever required. Patients are then not left waiting for crucial results or information.

Along with keeping budgets, records and spreadsheets on file, it’s also a great way of handling patient feedback surveys and ensuring all staff are aware of the responses in order to improve their work. Additionally, it can be used for policy management to ensure everyone is aware of what expectations and requirements are in place – from the healthcare organisation itself, the local council and government.

Improve staff engagement

Your company intranet can be a great way to boost staff engagement and satisfaction by ensuring they feel part of a positive community. You can include an events calendar, company news and discussion forums to keep everyone up to date.

It’s also a great way for people to share ideas in a safe environment where they can also feel as though they are included in the decision-making process and that their feedback and feelings are being heard. When it comes to health and safety, an intranet can help to make people aware of dangers and risks quickly and easily to prevent these from escalating further.

Fill job positions quickly

Staff in your company are no doubt always on the hunt for the next opportunity to improve their standing in your company. Using your intranet for posting job openings means you can cheaply and easily source trained staff internally for the roles. They will already have an understanding of how your company works and your ethos. As well as not having to pay a recruiter to fill each role, internal staff will have also had all the necessary safety and security checks completed, which will save further money, time and resources.

Communicate with all staff quickly

It’s important that you can speak with all staff quickly and efficiently – especially if there is some crucial information that needs disseminating, such as a new virus alert, health and safety concerns, patient feedback, budget considerations or policy changes, etc. Through your intranet software, you can quickly and easily communicate with your whole team in one go through automated e-mails.

Train staff quickly and easily

When new procedures come into place – for example, with new medication or equipment – your intranet software can be a great way of training staff quickly and easily. By using e-learning, they can remotely gain the new skills and knowledge needed without having to travel miles or leave their desk. This helps to build the services they can provide and also improves their confidence in your organisation. It also saves them time – something they’re in short supply of and which costs money in the long run. They will feel supported and in control with the latest knowledge at their fingertips.

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