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Compliance Departments

Intranet software for compliance departments

Compliance departments are crucial to a number of industries, including financial, healthcare, and IT, helping to ensure your business adheres to the laws, regulations, and professional standards that are applicable to your industry. Claromentis’ digital workplace solutions help businesses to simplify the management of compliances, so that your compliance team can audit and monitor governance, and your staff are kept up-to-date with the latest regulation changes.

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Simplify compliance monitoring

Claromentis software helps your compliance team to monitor which regulations and policies have been read and accepted by which staff. Our Policy Manager app provides comprehensive monitoring tools including a full change, approval, and acceptance history for each policy, as well as reporting capabilities to help your business carry out compliance audits. 

Intranets for Compliance Departments

Improve awareness of compliances

Using our drag & drop Content Management System, dedicated landing pages can be created to group together all compliance-related content, such as FAQs, checklists, documents, and policies, promoting awareness and engagement throughout your entire company. 

Intranets for Compliance Departments

Manage internal audits

We provide a dedicated Audit Manager app that helps your compliance team to schedule, run, and manage internal audits within a step-by-step structure. Completed audits can be scored so that non-compliances can be spotted and rectified quickly.

Intranets for Compliance Departments


Easy to set-up, easy to use, has a whole host of awesome features that bring our network together.
Samantha, SeriousFun Children’s Network

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Mandatory reads

Our Mandatory Read homepage component ensures that all staff are made aware of business critical regulations as soon as they access their intranet.

Intranets for Compliance Departments

Easily manage compliances such as GDPR and HIPAA

Claromentis software helps your company to manage the transition into complying with new data protection laws, such as GDPR, and to fulfil industry-specific regulations like HIPAA. Our smart tagging feature allows you to group together related policy data, making it easy to manage compliances.

Intranets for Compliance Departments

A HIPAA and ISO9001:2015 compliant intranet for your business

Our software helps your business comply with regulations. But did you know that Claromentis intranet software is HIPAA and ISO9001:2015 compliant too? This means you can rest easy knowing that at every step of the way, your information is processed according to the highest industry standards.

Intranets for Compliance Departments