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IT departments are the backbone of your organisation, ensuring business systems and software run smoothly. Help your IT team work productively and efficiently with an intranet that’s designed around their workflows. Our IT intranet software is tailored to your business needs and requirements, providing your IT team with everything they need in one digital workplace.

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Software that helps IT teams function efficiently

Like other teams, IT need a central place to store information securely. Claromentis software provides IT teams with a safe space to manage policies and operational documents that need version controlling and sharing with the right members of staff. Our drag & drop CMS empowers your team to build personalised department sites, which can provide quick access to this vital information.

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Build your own support desk

By using our Business Process Management software, you can build your own customer support desk to process issues, customer complaints, and enquiries. Any existing support desk software you may have, such as Zendesk, can also be accessed via our software using our popular Buttons feature, which gives you quick links to third-party apps.

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Push time-critical announcements

IT teams often need to make important time-limited announcements about system availability, maintenance, and other events that can impact the service to your staff. Our Announcements feature allows your IT team to distribute information to all staff in just a few clicks. You can also send push notifications directly to employees’ mobile intranet, letting them know of urgent updates.

Intranets for IT | Claromentis

Claromentis allows us to deliver practical information to employees, while making sure everyone feels a part of our culture and values

Justin, Just IT

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Share IT knowledge to your staff

Share how-to videos, user guides, and help articles about common IT issues on our Knowledge Base app. Our in-built Q&A functionality allows staff to ask questions and quickly find answers written by your in-house technology experts.

Intranets for IT | Claromentis

Break down silos with collaboration tools

The IT department can sometimes be seen as a faceless function accessed only in times of stress! Our social networking tool and collaboration features help dispel that myth completely by providing quick access to questions, feedback, and shared experiences, creating a warmer and more “human” way of interacting with IT team members than the more formal ticketing systems.

Intranets for IT | Claromentis

Get IT involved in your intranet project

Whilst modern intranets like Claromentis don’t typically require IT skills to launch or manage, your IT team will be instrumental during the early stages of your intranet project if you decide to host in-house. IT will be your consultants in deciding factors such as intranet deployment, hosting, backup procedures, and internal security – so use them well!

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