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Small Businesses and Startups

Intranet Software for Small Businesses

Whether you’re an established small business or just starting out, our digital workplace will help your company grow. Our cost-effective SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution comes ready with our cloud-hosted intranet, requires no IT resources to install, and includes access to our in-house customer support experts, so you can focus on what matters to you most – growing your business.

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Connect your business to one digital workplace

Claromentis intranet software is a gateway to all your business apps and productivity tools. Employees can access everything they need to get their job done from a single point of entry, streamlining workflows, boosting productivity, and freeing up time to help you focus on your investments.

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Simple plans, affordable pricing

Running a small business or startup is full of challenges, but running an intranet shouldn’t be one of them. Our simple monthly plans and cost-effective pricing structure take the stress away and puts you in control. Our monthly SaaS package includes Google cloud hosting, backups, monitoring, and maintenance, as well as our expert customer support from day one.

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Centralise information and target content

Keep your employees, business partners, and investors in-the-know by centralising all important information on your intranet. Target content such as business opportunities and growth strategies to relevant team members using our smart permissions system, helping to save time from searching for key updates.

Target content

Foster innovation with collaboration areas

SMEs and startups thrive on innovation to drive their business growth. Foster innovation by building dedicated collaboration areas using our social intranet features, so that relevant team members can propose fresh ideas, share feedback, and kickstart new initiatives.

Collaboration areas

Streamline processes and improve accuracy

Streamlined business processes lead to improved accuracy, better compliance, and reduced costs. Claromentis comes with built-in workflow and e-forms software to help you run your organisation as efficiently and economically as possible.

Business process management

Know your staff with people profiles

Small businesses are nothing without the people behind them, from the founder and investors to stakeholders and front-line staff. Understanding every individual’s skills and what makes them tick is key to a successful business, and our customisable people profiles help to promote employee relationships and keep your staff connected.

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