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Intranet SSL Security

Access your intranet securely via SSL

Securing your intranet with SSL certification ensures that access is secure and your data is safe. By installing an SSL certificate on your intranet, all users will be connecting via HTTPS, giving you peace of mind that your intranet is protected. Claromentis provide the SSL Basic package as standard for all SaaS customers who have the domain, with no setup fee or maintenance costs.

We can also offer an SSL certificate for custom intranet domains, where we take care of the installation, maintenance, and renewals for you, when you choose to purchase our SSL Pro package.

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SSL Basic

Suitable for companies of any size, our SSL Basic package comes as standard with all Claromentis intranets that use the domain, and are hosted on our SaaS solution. From day one, intranet access is secure and business data is protected, across all web-enabled devices.

SSL Certificates for Intranet


Our SSL Pro package is perfect for businesses who want both security and personalisation. We can provide SSL certificates for intranets that use any custom domain, so that access and data is secured. We will also handle the maintenance and renewals of certificates purchased from our SSL Pro package.

SSL Certificates for Intranet

What’s included?


SSL Basic SSL Pro
 SSL certificate provided and installed by the Claromentis Support team for clients using our SaaS solution and domain
 SSL certificate provided and installed by the Claromentis Support team for clients who use their own custom domain (e.g.  
 256 bit SSL encryption    
 Full desktop and mobile support    
 Certificate registered to Claromentis Ltd.  
 Certificate registered to your own company name  
 EV green website seal  
 Highest level of authentication standards  
 Upfront cost  No costs!  $500 annually