Setting the development roadmap

One of the hardest processes to define and implement successfully is how to gear our development for ultimate product success – with consequent rewards in terms of commercial rewards and client satisfaction.
Over the 10 years since we formed Claromentis Limited here in the UK, we will always defend vehemently that we listen to our customers. On the flip side the strategic vision always rests with Michael, Alexander and I.

For example we have resisted many times requests to provide accountancy as a core application or even as some kind of an integration toolkit, because that just is not a core expertise and that is not where we want Claromentis to move towards.But sometimes it is not so easy to defend why for example sales opportunity management is definitely a core direction for us, but accountancy is not. Both are key requirements for our clients – generating beans and counting them. Why did we wholeheartedly embrace the request to develop Quality Management Software, but resist what was codenamed for 2 years CRM2 – and centred on marketing?

Personally I think we have this just about right, 3 people set the broad brush of where we will invest our R&D and within this defined development map customer and partner requests, through meetings and our enhancement request projects in Bugtracker and, are kings.

For us as a company, a crucial event last year was to separate out core and bespoke development resources, without that I think we would always have struggled to be nimble, agile, responsive and yet develop core releases on schedule that move onwards to where we want Claromentis Intranet Software to be.

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