New Version, New App, New Naming Convention: Welcome to Claromentis “Stanmer”

We’re so happy to announce the latest version of Claromentis, which is brimmed to the top with new features. Not content with just the one announcement, we have two more for you as well; we have a brand new HR app and we have a brand new naming convention. So from all of us here at Claromentis, welcome to Claromentis “Stanmer”!

Changes to our naming convention

First things first. Why is the latest version of Claromentis called “Stanmer”?

Instead of calling it “8.5” (which it technically still is, we’ve not abandoned numbering completely) we’re naming it Claromentis “Stanmer”, after Stanmer Park, a beautiful woodland park just north of Brighton city centre.

With our global head office located in Brighton, in Sussex, UK, we wanted to honour our lovely city by naming our major software versions after its natural landmarks. We’re a Brighton company and proud, and wanted to pay tribute to the city that’s brought us some of our amazing staff, helped us create our award-winning culture, and which is one of the UK’s most exciting hubs of technology.

What’s new in Claromentis “Stanmer”?

The latest version of our intranet platform has loads of new features and UX improvements, as we continue with our mission of providing beautiful yet functional software. Highlights include:

New HR app

Claromentis “Stanmer” sees the arrival of a brand new app: HR. We’re constantly striving to help our customers work smarter, and a big part of that is giving them more autonomy with each release. Our new HR app provides self-service tools for managing key business functions run by the human resources team, such as contract, salary, and employee benefits, which are stored securely using our multi-layer password technology.

Better navigation between Admin panel and frontend app

Intranet administrators often need to switch between using the frontend of an app and its corresponding Admin panel. We’ve now made that process 3x faster (we timed it) by adding a direct link that lets you switch between frontend and backend.

Claromentis intranet software admin link comparison

“Admin link” from the front-end to admin (left) and “Back link” from admin to the front-end (right)

More intranet design customisations

Your intranet main menu can now be displayed as a side menu, ideal for those who are more accustomed to the layout of mobile apps. You can also expand the layout of your intranet to “full width”, which is great for users with large computer monitors.

Microsoft OneDrive Integration

Adding to our list of growing intranet integrations, you can now add Microsoft OneDrive document links into our Documents application.

For the full details on our new features and improvements, download our release notes.



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