The Benefits of Flexible Working in a Digital Workplace

In many industries, the concept of a flexible workplace can sound like a myth exclusive to tech and startup businesses. The concept of working where you want, whatever day you want is entirely improbable for the vast majority of industries. But this couldn’t be further from the truth, and with the clever application of digital technology, flexibility in the workplace isn’t only a benefit; it’s a practical solution to motivating and managing your staff.


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Create global conversations

One of the biggest challenges in multi-office companies is offering flexible working conditions to different teams. A digital workplace provides all you need to work in a variety of different ways, with many different departments and teams. Flexibility isn’t just about how to have these conversations – it’s about how to perform them in the most effective way. From language barriers to different working hours, collaborating at a high level can be complicated and confusing with phone calls, meetings, and travel all making it difficult to increase productivity.

For a business with offices in multiple countries, in-office communications might not be practical – and the use of conferencing equipment too unreliable or unusable for certain workflows. Providing a digital environment in which to contribute flexibly can go a long way towards creating harmonious and effective conversations that do what they need to do faster. This flexibility makes it easier to connect with many different people, and prevents work from becoming insular.

Increase flexibility in the workplace

With cubicles and individual offices on the out in many businesses, the concept of hot-desking and flexible working environments have become increasingly more relevant. 

By moving practical factors or conversations to a digital workplace, where everything is more readily accessible, it’s possible to create more flexibility in the physical workplace, allowing people to work as they do best. There are many different ways digital technology can benefit remote work, but in practical terms it provides an open window into your workflow – no more catching up or going over existing work, it’s all there already.

This may mean allowing employees to work in quieter spaces or certain areas, or even allowing those working within the digital workplace to collaborate and contribute from home. Not only does this give you less need to have a rigid and set workplace, it also allows the people who work for you to perform in their best possible environment – whether it’s a busy and lively office or alone with their headphones on.

Encourage collaboration outside the office

For existing remote workers, office culture can sometimes feel out of their grasp; especially with locations where other employees are unable to hold the same benefits. However, by introducing more flexible ways to communicate with those in the office, you can allow for better collaboration between teams. Removing the obstacle of a physical workplace – or the concept of ‘you had to be there’ – by introducing a more digital workflow, everyone can be up to speed in moments.

A flexible workplace is the future for many businesses, so by introducing digital workplace use early, you can be ahead of the curve – and ensure that collaboration cross-country, between staff members and within teams is as effective and practical as possible. This concept also applies to those working part-time, allowing them to be actively involved in workflows and processes they might otherwise feel separate from.

Develop a positive working environment

A positive working environment is one where the employee feels they are being cared for, and the flexibility that comes with a digital workplace can provide that support, by encouraging the development of valuable skills as well as offering an environment that is both practically and physically easier to use. A digital workplace shows your commitment to the future and your flexibility when it comes to the tools that make their job better. That’s something which is always going to be positive for your staff.

It might be tempting to think of digital workplaces as something that isolates – similarly to the way that people staring at their phones can prevent them from communicating effectively with those around them. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth – a virtual connection with countless other staff members and employees can allow employees to feel more included in their working environment, and encourage more open and productive interactions. This flexibility allows you to work with your staff in a more effective way, stripping away office conventions in favour of a more productive and friendly working environment.

If a digital workplace sounds like the ideal solution for your office, contact us today to find out more about what a combination of flexibility and a great virtual space can do for your business. Whether you’re a small company or a global powerhouse, we have the tools to get your employees collaborating – in a flexible, effective and productive way.




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