Claromentis is Voted One of the UK’s Top 25 SME Culture Leaders by Real Business

We always knew the company culture at Claromentis was amazing. So when we were voted one of the UK’s top 25 SME culture leaders by notable SME website, Real Business, it really was the icing on the cake.

All nominations are judged on five key metrics; values, approach, culture in practice, long-term vision, and business impact. Real Business told us we won because our “entry stood out to the judges as exemplifying commitment, vision, and passion towards building and driving a strong and inclusive company culture”. So to be ranked in the top 25 (we’re actually 17th) is such an amazing validation of the hard work we do to fulfil these important aspects of company culture.

What makes Claromentis culture so great?

Pioneering the culture at Claromentis isn’t just one person’s job. It’s everyone’s. The whole company gets involved in making Claromentis a great place to work, ensuring that the responsibility is shared and that every team member has a voice. By making culture a company-wide initiative, common pitfalls like viewing culture as simply a “box-ticking” exercise or some staff feeling left out, are bypassed completely.

We also understand that a good company culture is more than just organising socials. Yes we put a lot of effort into activities outside of work, such as regular team lunches, Beer Fridays, and employee birthday celebrations. But it’s the mission we champion inside of work, on a daily basis, that really makes an impact on our culture. And funnily enough, our mission is exactly the same as the one we use to deliver exceptional digital workplace software to our customers: to help share information, work smarter, and engage with people.

Our digital workplace enables our company culture

We use the very same software that we provide to our clients, and it’s instrumental in helping us deliver our winning company culture.

A huge part of our culture is giving our staff the freedom to work flexibly, and we wouldn’t be able to do this without our digital workplace. This summer some of our team members rented a villa in Barcelona, and worked remotely for the week. Productivity, communication, and collaboration were all maintained as we were able to work from one digital workplace.

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