How to access your Intranet Documents on an iPad
author Michael Christian, July 19, 2012

Our Information Architect, Michael Christian, has put together a video tutorial showing us how to access intranet documents using an iPad.

What you need:
Intranet Software: Claromentis
iPad and GoodReader app

Intranet Document List

A thumbnail view of your intranet documents.

WebDAV GoodReader

Step 1 – Create a connection to your intranet server.

WebDAV Connection Details

Step 2 – Type in your access details, if you’re unsure the following format should act as a useful guide:

URL: Typical Address: {your_intranet_domain}/intranet/WEBDAV/index.php

Username: {your intranet user name}

Password: {your intranet password}

Browse Intranet Documents

Once you have entered your details you can now browse your intranet documents using your iPad.


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